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P and Q take part in a 100 m race. P runs at 6 km/hr. P gives Q a start of 8 m and still beats him by 12 seconds. Find out the speed of Q.

Option 1: 4.6 Km/Hr
Option 2: 5.6 Km/Hr
Option 3: 6.6 Km/Hr
Option 4: 14.6 Km/Hr
Option 5:

In a 100 m race , P beat Q by 10 m and R by 15 m . In a race of 180 m, Q will beat R by ?

Option 1: 10m
Option 2: 15m
Option 3: 20m
Option 4: 25m
Option 5:

In a game of 90 points, A can give B 10 points and C 15 points. Then how any points B can give C in a game of 80 ?

Option 1: 5
Option 2: 10
Option 3: 15
Option 4: 20
Option 5:

P runs 5/3 times fast than Q. If P has given Q a start of 96 m, What should be the distance of running post so that P and Q reach it at the same time ?

Option 1: 110m
Option 2: 120m
Option 3: 130m
Option 4: 140m
Option 5:

P can run a 900 m distance in 2 min and Q can cover the same distance in 2 min. 30 sec. By how much distance P beat Q ?

Option 1: 150m
Option 2: 160m
Option 3: 170m
Option 4: 180m
Option 5:

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