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Project performance measurements are used to assess the magnitude of variation from the original scope baseline. Once the degree of scope variation is known, what step is performed next?

Option 1: Audit the project team
Option 2: Upgrade the configuration management database with new controls.
Option 3: Replanning
Option 4: Root cause analysis of the cause of the variance relative to the scope baseline.
Option 5:

Project managers must look for non- value added activities in different phases of a project. It is estimated that about 20% of all project activities do not add any value to the project especially in manufacturing. These activities include excessive inspections, needless procedures and redundant documents. Elimination of these non-value added activities are part of the continuous process improvement, which is the means for improving the quality in all project processes. Keeping this in mind, what should a project manager do in his/her project during execution to process non-value added activities?

Option 1: Use flow charts in the plan quality process to avoid non-value added activities
Option 2: Use the process analysis in the perform quality assurance process to isolate non-value added activities
Option 3: Use the Pareto chart in the perform quality control process to eliminate all non-value added activities
Option 4: Use cause and effect diagrams in the perform quality control process to identify non-value added activities
Option 5:

The Quality Policy is the intended direction of a performing organization with regard to quality. As a project manager in a performing organization, you find that the organization lacks a formal quality policy. What should be done in such a case?

Option 1: The project management team need not develop a quality policy since the performing organization does not have one.
Option 2: The project management team needs to obtain the quality policy from the customer.
Option 3: A quality policy is a 'nice-to-have' and is not required for every project.
Option 4: The project management team will need to develop a quality policy for the project.
Option 5:

During your weekly project status meetings your set some time aside on the agenda to review the risk register by looking at all the risks, if the response plans are still appropriate and adding or deleting risks. This is an example of?

Option 1: Performance Measurement
Option 2: Trend Analysis
Option 3: Risk Reassessment
Option 4: Risk Audit
Option 5:

Select the best answer: Continuous process improvement reduces _____________ and ________, which allows processes to operate at increased levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Option 1: Process and policy overhead.
Option 2: Departmental and organization processes
Option 3: Cost and scope
Option 4: Waste and non-value added activities.
Option 5:

The term ________ indicates the degree to which a particular product or service meets requirements, while _____________ indicates a category or rank used to distinguish that item from other similar items.

Option 1: Quality, grade
Option 2: Grade, standard
Option 3: Grade, quality
Option 4: Quality, standard
Option 5:

Visiting a construction site to ensure the work being done is the same work called out in the requirements is called:

Option 1: Site auditing
Option 2: Scope verification
Option 3: Quality control
Option 4: Requirements traceability
Option 5:

The Cost of Quality principle includes:

Option 1: The costs of ensuring conformance to requirements.
Option 2: The costs involved when changes are made to the requirements.
Option 3: The cost of deploying a project Configuration Management System
Option 4: The costs associated with eliminating requirements.
Option 5:

A project manager presented Earned value analysis data in a tabular format while providing a performance report. An alternative way in which the project manager could have presented the Earned value analysis data is by using:

Option 1: A linear graph
Option 2: An S-curve
Option 3: A logarithmic curve
Option 4: An Epsilon graph
Option 5:

Which of the following endeavors is unlikely to be a project?

Option 1: A research paper on "The next generation of high-speed internet connectivity"
Option 2: Updating of data in an HR database.
Option 3: A new business function to support production.
Option 4: A new model of a laser printer.
Option 5:

A technique which enhances brainstorming with a voting process used to rank the most useful ideas so that they can be taken up for further brainstorming is:

Option 1: Six thinking hats
Option 2: Nominal group technique
Option 3: Affinity diagram
Option 4: Mind mapping
Option 5:

Identifying, communicating, and remediating a serious omission or error made during execution of a project task is mandated by what PMI code?

Option 1: Code of Practitioner Ethics
Option 2: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Option 3: Code of Honorable Conduct
Option 4: Code of Ethical Standards.
Option 5:

Joe is attempting to calculate the financial impact of a specific outcome scenario. What method could he use?

Option 1: Sensitivity analysis
Option 2: Earned value analysis
Option 3: Decision tree analysis
Option 4: Expected monetary value analysis
Option 5:

A RAM diagram shows the relationship between ______________ and _____________ in a tabular format.

Option 1: Cause and effect
Option 2: Risks and mitigation plans
Option 3: Deliverables and costs
Option 4: Work packages and project team members
Option 5:

Hillbrand Dairies is structured so project managers share responsibility with the functional managers for assigning priorities and directing the work of persons assigned to the project. This is an example of a ____________organization.

Option 1: Dotted line
Option 2: Hierarchical
Option 3: Traditional
Option 4: Matrix
Option 5:

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