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You are a project manager working on a project to create high efficiency electric motors for a company introducing a new electric golf cart. Your company's president is keenly interested in the project and requests a chart that shows the number of defects by type ordered by their frequency of occurrence. Which type of chart would BEST meet this request?

Option 1: Pareto chart
Option 2: Control chart
Option 3: Statistical sampling
Option 4: Scatter diagram
Option 5:

Gene is the project manager of a large highway expansion project. He has a number of stakeholders with competing priorities and agendas, and often has to resolve conflicts between stakeholders. Which knowledge area includes the Manage Stakeholder Expectations process?

Option 1: Project Quality Management
Option 2: Project Scope Management
Option 3: Project Communications Management
Option 4: Project Human Resource Management
Option 5:

A software team tracing the root cause of an application failure can use this to help determine the cause(s) of the failure:

Option 1: Ishikawa diagram
Option 2: Rummler-Brache swimlane diagram
Option 3: Threading analysis
Option 4: Deming chart
Option 5:

Which of these is an example of a facilitated workshop technique to determine critical characteristics for new product development?

Option 1: Total Quality Management (TQM)
Option 2: Voice of the User (VOU)
Option 3: Internal Quality Deployment (IQD)
Option 4: Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
Option 5:

A project manager is tracking the failure rate of a specific component used in the project, to determine if the quality level is within acceptable limits for that project. What tool will help with this?

Option 1: Control charts
Option 2: Ishikawa diagram
Option 3: Six Sigma
Option 4: Quality control
Option 5:

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is a non-proprietary approach to Quality Management. This is an analytical procedure in which:

Option 1: The effect of varying the various parameters that make up a process is determined by trying out various combinations of the parameters.
Option 2: Each potential failure mode in every component of a product is analyzed to determine its effect on the reliability of that component and, by itself or in combination with other possible failure modes, on the reliability of the product.
Option 3: A set of experts are asked to provide inputs on the reasons for failure of a product and corrective action is then taken.
Option 4: A list of historical causes for failure of a similar product is analyzed to determine the possible failure modes.
Option 5:

A team of engineers is reviewing a scatter diagram to determine how the changes in two variables in a new type of automobile tire are related. The closer points on the diagram are to a diagonal line, _______________.

Option 1: the more likely a control group will be required
Option 2: the more closely they are related
Option 3: the less likely they are to be related
Option 4: the less likely a control group will be required
Option 5:

A project involved three performing organizations. Organization A had a well-defined quality policy, Organization B a lacked a formal quality policy and Organization C had a rudimentary quality policy. What should the project management team do?

Option 1: There is no action required by the project management team. Once the project has been awarded to a performing organization, the onus of execution rests with the performing organization.
Option 2: The project management team will need to ask Organization B and Organization C to come up with a formal quality policy.
Option 3: The project management team will need to ask Organization A to share its quality policy with Organization B and C.
Option 4: The project management team will need to develop a quality policy for the project that can be shared with all the three performing organizations.
Option 5:

A process in a mobile phone manufacturing project has an upper control limit of 0.12. What is the standard deviation of the process if the upper control limit is set at 3 Sigma?

Option 1: 0.5
Option 2: 0.4
Option 3: 0.12
Option 4: 0.36
Option 5:

Chris works as a project manager for UNISTEEL, a steel melting shop. He was assigned by his Executive Project Manager to study and prepare a report on the defects that eroded the blast furnace lining which has caused a drastic decline in production. Since this report will be used by the management to control the process and material quality, Chris performed a careful study and uncovered two factors related to refractories that caused majority of the lining problems. Which of the following statements BEST illustrate the technique Chris must have used in this scenario?

Option 1: A Pareto chart indicates that 80 percent of the problems are due to 20 percent of the causes
Option 2: A cause and effect diagram indicates how various causes show the history and variation of defects
Option 3: A Pareto chart identifies the possible relationship between changes observed in two independent variables
Option 4: A cause and effect diagram indicates how various factors or causes can be linked to potential problems
Option 5:

You are meeting with your stakeholders to gather requirements for your project. You are well aware that collecting requirements include both product and project requirements. All of the following tools can be used to gather, define, and analyze project requirements from stakeholders EXCEPT:

Option 1: Surveys
Option 2: Facilitated workshops
Option 3: Decomposition
Option 4: Prototypes
Option 5:

You are working as a project manager for a High yield crop development project. Data from the weather agency shows an unfavorable weather pattern for next few months. As a senior project manager, you want to assess the feasibility of the schedule under adverse conditions and provide some insights to your team. This way, your team can prepare some reserves and plan risk responses if unfavorable conditions exist during execution. Which of the following techniques should you use to assess the feasibility of the schedule?

Option 1: Pareto charts
Option 2: Variance analysis
Option 3: Crashing
Option 4: Monte Carlo analysis
Option 5:

You have just completed the first phase of a multi-phase project. You have performed the earned value measurements and found out that The CPI is 0.79, the SPI is 0.98 and has been increasing during the course of the project. Your next phase plane should focus first on which element of the project?

Option 1: Quality
Option 2: Resources
Option 3: Schedule
Option 4: Cost
Option 5:

As part of the Quality control in your project, you are looking at a technique which shows the history and pattern of variation. This is a line graph which shows data points plotted in the order in which they occurred. You are most likely looking at a:

Option 1: Run chart
Option 2: Pareto diagram
Option 3: Histogram
Option 4: Cause and effect diagram
Option 5:

A team member who worked with you on certain projects earlier has tailored his project experience and is applying for PMP certification. You are aware that he has sent in his application and does not meet the eligibility criteria. You should:

Option 1: Ignore the matter since you feel that the team-member cannot clear the PMP exam.
Option 2: Inform PMI of this matter.
Option 3: Ignore the matter until PMI contacts you about it.
Option 4: Ignore the matter and certify that the team-member meets requirements when PMI contacts you.
Option 5:

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