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If a project manager wants to report on the actual project results planned, he would use a:

Option 1: trend report.
Option 2: forecasting report.
Option 3: status report.
Option 4: variance report.
Option 5:

80% of the problems are found in 20% of the work is a concept of:

Option 1: Edward Deming
Option 2: Philip Crosby
Option 3: Juran
Option 4: Pareto
Option 5:

Which of the following is a method for quantifying qualitative data in order to minimize the effect of personal prejudice on source selection?

Option 1: Weighting system
Option 2: Screening system
Option 3: Selecting system
Option 4: none of the above
Option 5: all of the above

The "rule of seven" as applied to process control charts means that

Option 1: Seven rejects typically occur per thousand inspections.
Option 2: Seven consecutive points are ascending, descending, or the same.
Option 3: At least seven inspectors should be in place for every thousand
Option 4:
Option 5:

As part of the quality audit, the scope statement is checked against the work results to ensure the conformance to the customer requirements. The results should be documented and used for:

Option 1: Estimating future projects.
Option 2: Changing the project scope.
Option 3: Defining future project tasks.
Option 4: Validating the quality process
Option 5:

The quality team for the project consists of several groups. Which of the following project participants plays the most important role in the quality function?

Option 1: Customer
Option 2: Project Manager
Option 3: Project Team
Option 4: Vendors and suppliers
Option 5:

Which of the following is a tool and technique that can be used in the quality assurance process to identify lessons learned that could improve performance of the project?

Option 1: Benefit/cost analysis
Option 2: Flow charting
Option 3: Quality audits
Option 4: Benchmarking
Option 5: Cost of quality

A packing process results a product with a mean weight of 8 ounces. The process has a standard deviation of 0.5 ounce. What percentage of samples will weigh between 7.5 and 8 ounces?

Option 1: 23.87
Option 2: 31.74
Option 3: 34.13
Option 4: 68.26
Option 5: 95.46

Which of the following is part of modern quality management?

Option 1: Using Zero Defects as a motivation technique
Option 2: Considering 95 percent of quality costs the responsibility of management
Option 3: Addressing both the project management and the product
Option 4: Relying on frequent inspection
Option 5: Tracing 80 percent of defects can be traced back to 20 percent of the workforce

The current update to the schedule performance report shows no schedule variances. Based upon this report, you tell the client that the project is on times. However, your team members know that you just missed a major milestone and the project will not meet its startup dates. This is an indication of poor:

Option 1: communication management planning
Option 2: Scope management planning.
Option 3: Team trust.
Option 4: Schedule planning.
Option 5:

A project manager had a complex problem to solve and made a decision about what needed to be done, A few months later, the problem resurface, What did the project manager most likely not do?

Option 1: Proper risk analysis
Option 2: Confirm that the decision solved the problem
Option 3: Have the project sponsor validate the decision
Option 4: Use an Ishikawa diagram
Option 5:

The project manager decides to use a trend report because it will help him:

Option 1: evaluate earned valuE.
Option 2: examine project results over times.
Option 3: analyze the level of project complexity.
Option 4: determine the level of quality.
Option 5:

A team meeting during execution is the BEST format to:

Option 1: determine project status.
Option 2: communicates.
Option 3: make changes to the project.
Option 4: authorize changes to the project.
Option 5:

To a project manager, which of the following is a disadvantage of progress reports as compared to watching what is going on in a project, asking questions and assisting team members?

Option 1: Progress reports include information from all the team
Option 2: Progress reports include information from stakeholders
Option 3: Progress reports generally show problems after they have occurred
Option 4: Progress reports supply information about trends
Option 5:

A quality control (QC) manager for a manufacturing firm is calculating the expected standard deviation (sigma) for the length of hex bolts being produced on the assembly line. There are two sources of variation in the length of the hex bolts: production variation and measurement error. The QC manager knows that the standard deviations from these two sources are 0.24 inch and 0.43 inch, respectively. Assuming that there are no other significant sources of error, what answer should the QC manager calculate for the total standard deviation of the hex bolts?

Option 1: 0.10 inch
Option 2: 0.19 inch
Option 3: 0.34 inch
Option 4: 0.49 inch
Option 5: 0.67 inch

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