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Vendor selection and management and documentation of lessons learned are tasks that fall under this process area:

Option 1: Procurement management
Option 2: Deliverable management
Option 3: Direct and manage project execution
Option 4: Scope management
Option 5:

Which of the following may help in ensuring that certain bidders in the procurement process do not receive preferential treatment?

Option 1: Use of weighted criteria
Option 2: Use of bidder conferences
Option 3: Use of screening techniques
Option 4: Use of expert judgment
Option 5:

Which of these is not a tool or technique for the Administer Procurements process?

Option 1: Contract change control system
Option 2: Recommended Corrective Action
Option 3: Claims administration
Option 4: Performance reporting
Option 5:

Large variations in the periodic expenditure of funds are undesirable for organizational operations. Therefore the expenditure of funds is frequently reconciled with the disbursement of funds for the project. This is known as:

Option 1: Disbursement reconciliation
Option 2: Expenditure Reconciliation
Option 3: Budget Reconciliation
Option 4: Funding Limit Reconciliation
Option 5:

If you want to have multiple vendors bid on your contract, what is the best way to ensure that all vendors have the same information before bidding?

Option 1: Issue a standard request for bid and do not allow any questions
Option 2: Hold a bidder's conference
Option 3: Communicate only through email
Option 4: Develop a qualified sellers list
Option 5:

The Conduct Procurements process receives bids or proposals and applies criteria to select one or more sellers who are both qualified and acceptable as a seller. Which of the following techniques is not a valid technique for this process?

Option 1: Make-or-buy analysis
Option 2: Proposal Evaluation
Option 3: Advertising
Option 4: Bidder Conferences
Option 5:

A Work Breakdown Structure is a hierarchical illustration of all the work to be done in a project. A WBS component can represent:

Option 1: products
Option 2: results
Option 3: services
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5:

The legal nature of the contractual relationship between a buyer and a seller requires that appropriate legal counsel be involved in the project, for specific activities. Which of the following phases requires legal counsel to be involved.

Option 1: Administer procurements
Option 2: Plan procurements
Option 3: Conduct procurements
Option 4: All the above phases
Option 5:

If you had an experience with a particularly good or poor performing vendor, what is the correct way to document this experience for future projects?

Option 1: Create a seller performance evaluation
Option 2: Call the vendor and talk to them about the experience
Option 3: Tell all your friends about it
Option 4: Vow to only work with that vendor from now on
Option 5:

Before closing a contract, the project manager should:

Option 1: consult a lawyer
Option 2: verify that all deliverables were acceptable
Option 3: re-read the contract
Option 4: contact everyone on the project team for approval
Option 5:

The paint on the exotic cars that are manufactured in your plant is bubbling after about a year of application. What would be the BEST tool for your team to use to find potential causes of the peeling paint?

Option 1: Defect Repair Review
Option 2: Ishikawa Diagram
Option 3: Control Chart
Option 4: Inspection
Option 5:

You are negotiating a contract with a seller. You want to go in for a Fixed price type of contract. The seller uses a different terminology for the fixed price type of contract. He is most probably referring to it as a:

Option 1: Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee contract
Option 2: A Time and material contract
Option 3: Lump sum contract
Option 4: Cost-Plus-Fee contract
Option 5:

A buyer and seller fixed up the rates for junior engineers, senior engineers, architects, and other predefined roles. In what type of a contract would this be applicable?

Option 1: Fixed price with economic price adjustment contract
Option 2: Fixed price incentive contract
Option 3: Fixed-price contract
Option 4: Time and material contract
Option 5:

A project manager wishes to expand an existing list of sellers. Which of the following techniques should she consider?

Option 1: Networking
Option 2: Outsourcing
Option 3: Expert Judgment
Option 4: Advertising
Option 5:

When beginning a new outsourcing project, what is the best way to determine which companies you should request a bid from?

Option 1: Send your proposal to the company you last worked with
Option 2: Have someone else manage this part of the process
Option 3: Send your proposal to everyone
Option 4: Consult the qualified sellers list
Option 5:

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