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A project was awarded based on a competitive proposal. Management made a commitment that a few key team members would be made posted on the project. When such assignments happen, they are termed as:

Option 1: Bargaining agreements
Option 2: Pre-project assignments
Option 3: Planned assignments
Option 4: Pre-assignments
Option 5:

In the procurement process, the seller may be viewed initially as a bidder, then as the selected source and then as the contracted supplier. The seller will typically manage the work as a project. In such an instance, which of the following is not true?

Option 1: The Buyer becomes the customer and is thus a key project stakeholder for the seller.
Option 2: Terms and conditions of the contract become key inputs to many of the seller's management processes. (ex: major deliverables, key milestones, cost objectives)
Option 3: There need not be a contractual relationship between the buyer and the seller
Option 4: The Seller's project management team is concerned with all the processes of project management and not just Procurement management.
Option 5:

You have been chosen by a program management office (PMO) to write a purchase order for your expertise in business writing. You have learned that the PMO has already selected a seller for a software product and would like to award the procurement contract to the selected seller as a purchase order which you must prepare. In this scenario, the PMO is administering:

Option 1: The close procurements process
Option 2: The administer procurements process
Option 3: The plan procurements process
Option 4: The conduct procurements process
Option 5:

Debbie, an IT project manager, is in the planning phase of a shopping website development project. A junior project manager, who has been working under her authority, started developing procedures to indicate how the integrity of cost and schedule performance baselines should be maintained in the project. Where should the junior project manager store these procedures?

Option 1: In the project human resource plan
Option 2: In the project scope statement
Option 3: In the project management plan
Option 4: In the project communication plan
Option 5:

What similarity exists between a cost- reimbursable contract and a time and material contract?

Option 1: They have no definitive end.
Option 2: The closure date is part of the contract.
Option 3: They have fixed bonus rates.
Option 4: They can never grow in value.
Option 5:

For many procurement items, the procuring organization can either prepare its own independent estimates or have an estimate of costs prepared by an outside professional estimator. This estimate serves as a:

Option 1: Potential-cost estimate
Option 2: Expected-cost estimate
Option 3: Benchmark estimate
Option 4: Must-cost estimate
Option 5:

As part of the Close Procurements process, the project manager prepared a complete set of indexed contract documentation, including the closed contract, to include with the final project files. This is called a:

Option 1: Procurement file
Option 2: Documentation file
Option 3: Closure report
Option 4: Closure file
Option 5:

A project is being done for an external customer. Which of the following is an input to the Develop Project Charter process?

Option 1: Contract
Option 2: Business Case
Option 3: Project Statement of Work
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5:

A project manager is confused about the perspective of the buyer-seller relationship in the context of project procurement management. How would your clarify this?

Option 1: The buyer-seller relationship exists only between organizations external to the acquiring organization.
Option 2: The buyer-seller relationship is only between organizations internal and external to the acquiring organization.
Option 3: The buyer-seller relationship is applicable only when a performing organization is involved.
Option 4: The buyer-seller relationship can exist at many levels on one project, and between organizations internal to and external to the acquiring organization.
Option 5:

Matt is the project manager of a project that involves a buyer-seller relationship. If teaming agreements are a part of this project, to what process would they be an input?

Option 1: Administer Procurements
Option 2: Conduct Procurements
Option 3: Close Procurements
Option 4: Teaming agreements do not apply in the context of buyer-seller relationships.
Option 5:

During the Conduct Procurements phase, the procuring organization found that there were significant differences in the pricing by different sellers. What is the best course of action in such a scenario?

Option 1: Award the project to a supplier who is already on the procuring organization's preferred supplier list.
Option 2: Cancel the procurement activity.
Option 3: Investigate whether the project statement of work was defective or ambiguous.
Option 4: Award the project to the highest bidder.
Option 5:

Dina, the project manager of a hardware project, is performing a structured review of the procurement process. She would like to look into each document from the plan procurements process through the administer procurements process to identify failures. What tool should Dina use?

Option 1: Procurement audits in the close procurements process
Option 2: Performance reports in the conduct procurements process
Option 3: Negotiated settlements in the administer procurements process
Option 4: Procurement audits in the manage procurements process
Option 5:

Changes in the projects are inevitable. So, project managers must develop or use a system to manage centrally and control those changes. There are four types of changes that need to be controlled in a project. Project changes, deliverable changes, process changes, and baseline changes. The impact of each of these changes must be evaluated and approved and rejected changes must be communicated to all stakeholders as and when required. Which of the following helps to control the above mentioned changes?

Option 1: Configuration control and Control chart
Option 2: Configuration control and Change control
Option 3: Control chart and Cost control
Option 4: Change control and Control chart
Option 5:

A seller organization was executing work for a project under a contract. During the course of the project, a number of disputes arose over the scope and quality of work. Which of the following is the preferred method of resolving these claims?

Option 1: Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
Option 2: Claims court
Option 3: Appeals court
Option 4: Negotiation
Option 5:

Which of the following is incorrect regarding a bidders conference?

Option 1: Questions from each seller should be handled confidentially and not shared with other sellers.
Option 2: No bidders should receive preferential treatment, even if they are part of the company's existing list of approved suppliers.
Option 3: Bidders conferences should not involve face-to-face meetings
Option 4: All prospective sellers should be allowed to have a common understanding of the procurement.
Option 5:

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