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TapsA and B can fiJi a bucket in 12 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. If both are opened and A is closed after 3 minutes, how much further time would it take for B to fill the bucket?

Option 1: 7m 45 sec
Option 2: 8m 5 sec
Option 3: 7m 15 sec
Option 4: 8m 15 sec
Option 5:

Two pipes can fill a tank in 10 hours and 12 hours respectively while a third pipe empties the full tank in 20 hours. If all the three pipes operate simultaneously, in how much time the tank will be filled?.

Option 1: 7hrs
Option 2: 7hrs 30 min
Option 3: 8hrs
Option 4: 8hrs 30 min
Option 5:

A tank can be filled by a tap in 20 minutes and by another tap in 6O minutes. Both the taps are kept open for 10 minutes and then the first tap is shut off. After this, the tank will be completely filled in:

Option 1: 10 min
Option 2: 12 min
Option 3: 15 min
Option 4: 20 min
Option 5:

A tap can fill a tank in 16 minutes and another can empty it in8 minutes. If the tank is already half full and both the tanks are oped together, the tank will be:

Option 1: Filled in 12 min
Option 2: Filled in 8 min
Option 3: Empty in 12 min
Option 4: Empty in 8 min
Option 5:

Bucket Phas thrice the capacity as bucket Q It takes 60 turns for bucket P to fill the empty drum. How many turns it wifi take for both the buckets P and Q, having each turn together to fill the empty drum?.

Option 1: 30
Option 2: 40
Option 3: 45
Option 4: 90
Option 5:

A tank is filled by three pipes A, B and C. The pipe C is twice as fast as B and B is twice as fast as A. How much time will pipe A alone take to fill the tank ?

Option 1: 15
Option 2: 25
Option 3: 35
Option 4: 45
Option 5:

Three pipes A, B and C can fill a tank in 6 hours. After working together for 2 hours, C is closed and A and B can fill the remaning part in 7 hours. Find the number of hours taken by C alone to fill the tank .

Option 1: 10
Option 2: 12
Option 3: 14
Option 4: 16
Option 5:

A cistern is normally filled in 8 hrs, but it takes four hrs longer to fill beacuse of a leak in the bottom. If the cistern is full , how much time the leak will empty it ?

Option 1: 20
Option 2: 22
Option 3: 24
Option 4: 26
Option 5:

Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 15 minutes and 20 minutes respectively. Both the pipes are opened together but after 4 minutes, Pipe A is turned off. What is the total time required to fill the tank ?

Option 1: 8 min 40 Sec
Option 2: 9 min 40 Sec
Option 3: 10 min 40 Sec
Option 4: 11 min 40 Sec
Option 5:

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