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Which of the following defines the total scope of the project and represents the work specified in the current approved project scope statement?

Option 1: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Option 2: Bill of Material (BOM)
Option 3: Project Charter
Option 4: Requirements Breakdown Structure (RBS)
Option 5:

Which of the following is not an organizational process asset used in the Develop Human Resource Plan process?

Option 1: Template for organizational charts
Option 2: Template for position descriptions
Option 3: Standardized role descriptions
Option 4: Standardized stakeholder list
Option 5:

Which of the following Project Scope Management processes documents a configuration management system?

Option 1: Control Scope
Option 2: Define Scope
Option 3: Verify Scope
Option 4: Collect Requirements
Option 5:

The Develop Project Management Plan process includes which of the following?

Option 1: How changes will be monitored and controlled
Option 2: The need for communication among the stakeholders
Option 3: The level of implementation of each selected process
Option 4: All of these
Option 5:

The project charter should be authorized by the ______

Option 1: Operations manager
Option 2: Project team
Option 3: Project manager
Option 4: Project sponsor
Option 5:

While the five process groups are typically completed in order, they often overlap with each other throughout the project. Which two process groups should never overlap unless a project is canceled?

Option 1: Initiating and Closing
Option 2: Initiating and Executing
Option 3: Initiating and Monitoring and Control
Option 4: Planning and Closing
Option 5:

The five process groups should be done in the correct order to achieve maximum results. What is the correct order for the process groups?

Option 1: Planning, Monitoring and Controlling, Initiating, Executing, Closing
Option 2: Planning, Initiating, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing
Option 3: Initiating, Monitoring and Controlling, Planning, Executing, Closing
Option 4: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing
Option 5:

In the past you have had issues with stakeholders who come back to you a year after you thought the project was complete, so this time you are going to have the stakeholders sign an acceptance of deliverables document. This procedure should be included in what project management plan?

Option 1: Change Management
Option 2: Quality Management
Option 3: Scope Management
Option 4: Risk Management
Option 5:

Which of the following is accurate regarding Project Integration Management?

Option 1: Project deliverables are not part of Integration Management
Option 2: It involves the integration of individual processes and not process groups
Option 3: The need for it becomes evident in situations where individual processes interact
Option 4: It involves disregarding trade-offs and focuses on clearly articulating how accomplish all requirements by the deadline
Option 5:

When writing the roles and responsibilities for team members you should include the following in your write up:

Option 1: Role, Authority, Responsibility, Competency
Option 2: Role, Action Items, Supervisor, Competency
Option 3: Training Plan, Project Org Charts, Role , Authority
Option 4: Action Items, Org Charts, Responsibility, Authority
Option 5:

As an experienced PMP, you have found that running a WBS meeting is tricky because you need to find a balance between decomposition and excessive decomposition. When items are excessively decomposed it leads all of the following, EXCEPT:

Option 1: Too detailed project plan
Option 2: Inefficient use of resources
Option 3: Non productive management effort
Option 4: Decreased efficiency when performing work
Option 5:

As the project manager on the construction of a new hotel you have developed a project management plan that you believe is realistic and will be formally approved. The organizational assets that influenced the development of the plan may include all of the following except:

Option 1: Project management plan templates
Option 2: Risk register from a past project
Option 3: Change control procedures
Option 4: Business case for the project
Option 5:

You have just returned from the weekly change control board meeting where you presented the requested changes to the employee move project. You had five changes approved, however one was denied. You now are updating the project management plan to incorporate the changes. In what project management process would this be done?

Option 1: Direct and Manage Project Execution
Option 2: Planning
Option 3: Monitor and Control Project Work
Option 4: Initiation
Option 5:

The project management plan can best be described as:

Option 1: A list of tasks, activities, durations and resources in a software program (e.g., Microsoft Project)
Option 2: Coordinating changes across the entire project
Option 3: Integrating and coordinating all project plans to create a consistent, coherent document
Option 4: Integrating and coordinating all project documents and stakeholder expectations
Option 5:

The Create WBS process identifies the deliverables at the __________ level in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Option 1: Lowest
Option 2: Any
Option 3: Tenth
Option 4: Highest
Option 5:

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