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You work at a software company that authors Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for chemical companies. Prior to releasing the MSDS to the company you have created a list of items to be reviewed to see that they appear on the document such as: chemical name, CAS#, protection required, what to do an emergency, etc. This is an example of what type of tool?

Option 1: Checklist
Option 2: Process Improvement Plan
Option 3: Quality Management Plan
Option 4: Quality Metrics
Option 5:

A manager asks you to evaluate four new projects that he has suggested for next year. You review the projects and notice that one is not really a project, but more an operational task. Which of these is not a project?

Option 1: Change the product to enable increased consumer usage
Option 2: Manage a set of people for the next year to deliver the desired productivity results
Option 3: Respond to a customer request for different product packaging
Option 4: Resolve a space constraint issue by building a new addition to the plant
Option 5:

A project manager estimates the work to be accomplished in the near term in detail, at a low level of the Work Breakdown structure (WBS), while he estimates work far in the future as WBS components that are at a relatively high level of the WBS. What is this technique called?

Option 1: Decomposition
Option 2: Rolling wave planning
Option 3: High Level Planning
Option 4: Future planning
Option 5:

Which tool is BEST used to display how a company structures itself departmentally?

Option 1: WBS
Option 2: BOM
Option 3: OBS
Option 4: RBS
Option 5:

Close project or phase is the process of completing and concluding all activities across all project groups to officially close the project. Which of the following activities are NOT performed in the closing project or phase process?

Option 1: Actions required to transfer completed products to operations
Option 2: Actions required to archive project information
Option 3: Actions required to audit project success or failure
Option 4: Actions required to accept the deliverables
Option 5:

A number of deliverables were submitted to the buyer as part of a project. Where would the project manager find documentation on the requirements for formal deliverable acceptance and how non-conforming deliverables can be addressed?

Option 1: In the SOW
Option 2: In the lessons learned document
Option 3: In the deliverable release note.
Option 4: In the contract.
Option 5:

Late in the project cycle, it was discovered that some of the project human resources needed to have been trained on a specific methodology. Ideally, where should these training needs have first been documented?

Option 1: In the requirements documentation
Option 2: In the procurement contract
Option 3: In the project scope statement
Option 4: In the company HR policy
Option 5:

A senior project manager advises a first-time project manager that identifying risks is just one step. On a continuous basis, new risks need to be identified, and existing risks need to be analyzed, tracked and their status reported. All this is done as part of what process?

Option 1: Direct and Manage Project Execution
Option 2: Monitor and Control Project Work
Option 3: Perform Integrated Change Control
Option 4: Plan Risk Management
Option 5:

A project manager is performing a set of processes in the Initiating Process Group. Which of the following is likely to be part of the Initiating Process Group?

Option 1: Develop Project Management Plan
Option 2: Define Scope
Option 3: Develop Project Charter
Option 4: Plan Quality
Option 5:

Which of the following is neither input to nor output of the close procurements process?

Option 1: Updates to lessons learned documentation
Option 2: Contract change documentation
Option 3: Negotiated settlements
Option 4: Updates to procurement files
Option 5:

Which of the following statement represents McClelland's motivational theory?

Option 1: Individual needs can be classified as either achievement, affiliation, or power
Option 2: Employees chose responsibilities instead of salary hikes
Option 3: People try to work hard when their basic needs are satisfied
Option 4: Most people dislike work and try to avoid it
Option 5:

Breaking down project deliverables into smaller components is called:

Option 1: Work breakdown structure
Option 2: Deconstruction
Option 3: Tasking
Option 4: Decomposition
Option 5:

The WBS is a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team, to accomplish the project objectives. This is created as part of:

Option 1: Project Integration Management
Option 2: Project Scope Management
Option 3: Project Procurement Management
Option 4: Project Time Management
Option 5:

Two of your team members played the Mega Millions lottery and won! As much as they like working on your team, they have decided to retire. What plan should be updated?

Option 1: Retirement Plan
Option 2: Resource Availability Document
Option 3: Communications Plan
Option 4: Staffing Management Plan
Option 5:

A new CEO has come into your company and promptly shut down your project because it no longer met the business needs of the company. While not pleased with the decision, you document the level and completeness of the project to date. What activity or process is this part of?

Option 1: Close Project or Phase
Option 2: Close Procurements
Option 3: Control Scope
Option 4: Lessons learned
Option 5:

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