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Your company has been chosen to develop a new line of business for a large insurance company. This is a large and important project for the company and you have told senior management that you will be creating a team meeting room for this project. This is one of the strategies for:

Option 1: Collocation
Option 2: Centralized Team
Option 3: Project Control
Option 4: Develop Project Team
Option 5:

The WBS structure can be created in a number of forms except which of the following?

Option 1: Using project deliverables as the first level of decomposition, with the phases of the project life cycle inserted at the second level.
Option 2: Using major deliverables as the first level of decomposition.
Option 3: Using phases of the project life cycle as the first level of decomposition, with the project deliverables inserted at the second level.
Option 4: Using subprojects which may be developed by organizations outside the project team, such as contracted work.
Option 5:

The system which includes the process for submitting proposed changes, tracking systems for reviewing and approving proposed changes, defining approval levels for authorizing changes and providing a method to validate approved changes is the:

Option 1: Change Control Board
Option 2: Approval Plan
Option 3: Configuration Management System
Option 4: Work Authorization System
Option 5:

For projects that have a product as a deliverable, it is very effective to perform product analysis. Which of these tools is not a product analysis technique?

Option 1: Systems breakdown
Option 2: Systems analysis
Option 3: Systems engineering
Option 4: Requirements analysis
Option 5:

As part of the Plan Quality process, you create a document which describes the purpose, start and end of processes, their inputs, outputs, data required and the owner and stakeholders of processes. This is called a:

Option 1: Process metric
Option 2: Process configuration
Option 3: Process chart
Option 4: Process boundary
Option 5:

A project manager is managing a project where there are teams located in remote locations in order to obtain cost savings. This is in line with organizational guidelines which require that at least 25% of work should be done from a remote location. This is an example of:

Option 1: A constraint
Option 2: A necessity
Option 3: A choice
Option 4: An assumption
Option 5:

A requesting organization for a project created a document that included the business need and the cost-benefit analysis. What would this document be termed as?

Option 1: The project statement of work
Option 2: The business case
Option 3: The project charter
Option 4: The contract
Option 5:

Control Schedule is part of which Project Management process group?

Option 1: Monitoring and controlling
Option 2: Planning
Option 3: Executing
Option 4: Initiating
Option 5:

The Administer Procurements process ensures that the seller's performance meets contractual requirements and that the buyer performs according to the terms of the contract. This process is part of which process group?

Option 1: Executing
Option 2: Closure
Option 3: Planning
Option 4: Monitoring and Controlling
Option 5:

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) dictionary supports the WBS and is a companion document to the WBS. Which of the following is not included in the WBS dictionary?

Option 1: List of schedule milestones
Option 2: Resource assigned
Option 3: Contract Information
Option 4: Code of Account Identifier
Option 5:

Mandatory dependencies are those that are inherent in the nature of the work being done. They often involve physical limitations, such as on a construction project where it is impossible to erect the superstructure until the foundation has been built. This type of dependency is also called:

Option 1: Soft logic
Option 2: Unilateral dependency
Option 3: Fixed logic
Option 4: Hard logic
Option 5:

You are a project manager for a company that has a composite organization structure. The current project you are managing is coming to an end. There are a number of activities that need to be completed including releasing project resources. All of the following statements are examples or true statements related to releasing project resources in this company EXCEPT?

Option 1: Documenting the release date for project resources in the project management plan
Option 2: Transferring project equipment to the regular operations of the company
Option 3: Reassigning project team members to a new project within the company
Option 4: Transferring the documented lessons learned into the lessons learned database
Option 5:

Which of the following models describes stakeholders based on their power, urgency and legitimacy?

Option 1: Influence / Impact grid
Option 2: Power / influence grid
Option 3: Power / Interest grid
Option 4: Salience model
Option 5:

Which of the following is Deming's formula for continuous improvement?

Option 1: Plan-Act-Check-Do
Option 2: Plan-Do-Check-Act
Option 3: Check-Plan-Do-Act
Option 4: Plan-Check-Do-Act
Option 5:

Which of the following processes deals with maintaining the integrity of baselines by releasing only approved changes for incorporation into the project management plan?

Option 1: Perform Integrated Change Control
Option 2: Direct and Manage Project Execution
Option 3: Develop Project Management Plan
Option 4: Monitor and Control Project Work
Option 5:

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