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Nancy is engaged in the construction of three unique office buildings. Although construction sites are located in various places, she has been managing each team very efficiently to complete the work on time and within the budget. Which of the following statements describe the effort that Nancy is doing?

Option 1: Construction of each building is an operational work because it is repetitive in nature
Option 2: The building construction is considered neither as a project nor as an operational work
Option 3: Construction of all three buildings is considered as one project
Option 4: Construction of each building is a project because each building is unique in nature
Option 5:

A first-time project manager created a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) where the deliverables had different levels of decomposition. What would your comment on this be?

Option 1: This is incorrect. All deliverables need to have the same level of decomposition.
Option 2: This is incorrect. Only deliverables under different branches can have different levels of decomposition.
Option 3: This is fine. Different deliverables can have different levels of decomposition depending on the work involved.
Option 4: This is fine. The focus of the WBS is not the deliverables, but the tasks involved.
Option 5:

As part of tracking a project, a project manager is validating the completion of project scope. She would measure this against:

Option 1: Requirements traceability matrix
Option 2: The project management plan
Option 3: The project charter
Option 4: The requirements management plan
Option 5:

The project manager of a long term project to develop a new medical device waits to include the details of later phase deliverables on the WBS until such time as those deliverables are more clearly defined. This is an example of:

Option 1: Iterative planning
Option 2: Balanced planning
Option 3: Deferred planning
Option 4: Rolling wave planning
Option 5:

Which process group corresponds to the ?do? part of the plan-do-checkact cycle?

Option 1: Closing
Option 2: Monitoring and Controlling
Option 3: Planning
Option 4: Executing
Option 5:

A project to construct a high-rise building is progressing very well. Stakeholders are proactive in identifying issues related to the quality of the structure, walls and floors. As a project manager, you are conducting meetings to clarify or resolve their issues. Although, you are committed to manage stakeholders concerns, you learned that some critical issues need to be deferred to the next phase of the project for resolution. What should you do in this situation?

Option 1: You must not defer any stakeholder issues but look for alternate methods
Option 2: You must escalate these issues to the sponsor for his advice
Option 3: You must work with stakeholders to defer those issues
Option 4: You must request the stakeholders to retract their issues
Option 5:

Marvin has been working for a retail company as a project manager. With his positive thinking and good managerial skills he turned many potentially disastrous projects into successes. Because of his expertise, the company high level executives offered him a group project manager position for a newly started environmental project. However, Marvin learned that in his newly assigned project he may have to offer bribes to get the Government licenses. What should Marvin do in such a situation?

Option 1: Reject the offer because project managers should not engage in an unethical conduct
Option 2: Accept the offer because project managers must obey their higherups
Option 3: Accept the position and offer bribes because project managers must complete projects on time and within budget
Option 4: Investigate to find out if it is customary to offer bribes in that part of the country
Option 5:

Rina and Gimo are the senior developers in a website development project. They have been arguing over the best web design product to use in support of the new website they will be developing. As the project manager, to make a decision and reduce the conflict, you use a forcing approach. What is the important characteristic of this approach?

Option 1: Forcing to close the project
Option 2: Highlighting areas of agreement rather than areas of disagreement
Option 3: Asserting one's viewpoint at the expense of others
Option 4: Withdrawing from the actual conflict
Option 5:

You are in the final phase of a low cost car manufacturing project. This project, as designed, has delivered a low cost car that runs on the battery. However, to close this project, many administrative standards are required to be followed in order to avoid auditing from Government authorities. Since your organization possesses experts who have tremendous knowledge in closing procedures and standards, you would like to use them to close this project. This effort is an instance of:

Option 1: Using enterprise environmental factors in closing the project
Option 2: Using expert judgment in closing the project
Option 3: Using organizational process assets in closing the project
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5:

A project can be authorized by any of the following except:

Option 1: The project manager
Option 2: The PMO
Option 3: The sponsor
Option 4: The portfolio steering committee
Option 5:

Shawn is in the execution phase of his project. He is getting unexpected requests from his stakeholders about the project progress. All of the following can be used by Shawn to respond to their requests EXCEPT:

Option 1: The project management plan
Option 2: The stakeholder register
Option 3: Organizational process assets
Option 4: Performance reports
Option 5:

Project-A has an initial investment of $10 million, out of which $3.5 million has already been spent. This project gives a good control for the stakeholders on the revenues collected from oil and gas industry. Project-B, with the same goal as project-A requires only $7.5 million for completion if it starts now. Which project should you choose based on the information presented above?

Option 1: Project-B
Option 2: Both projects
Option 3: Project-A
Option 4: None of the above
Option 5:

A project manager in a seller organization discovered that certain deliverables had been handed over to the buyer without undergoing proper testing. Recalling the deliverables will result in a cost overrun to the project. What should the project manager do in such a case?

Option 1: Recall the deliverables even though there will be a cost overrun.
Option 2: Terminate the project.
Option 3: Approach management to obtain additional funding to handle the potential cost overrun.
Option 4: Wait for the procuring organization to get back with their list of defects in the deliverables.
Option 5:

You are in the middle of a risk assessment meeting with key stakeholders, customers and project team leaders. While identifying and assessing risks, you have realized that two key stakeholders are overemphasizing the impact of a risk. What is the BEST step you must take to avoid unfairness or bias when assessing risks?

Option 1: Implement assumptions analysis to explore the validity of assumptions
Option 2: Develop a risk response strategy to eliminate threats
Option 3: Perform qualitative risk analysis to identify risk attitudes
Option 4: Perform sensitivity analysis to establish which risks have the most impact on the project
Option 5:

Jared is in the execution phase of a residential housing construction project. He has been informed of major scope changes from stakeholders in the middle of the project. These changes involve regulatory requirements from local authorities that may impact not only the scope but also the cost and duration of the project. What should be the FIRST approach from Jared in considering these changes?

Option 1: Meet with the change control board to solicit some ideas on the new project plan
Option 2: Create a report detailing the impact of scope changes on project parameters such as cost, quality and schedule
Option 3: Add new tasks to the project plan and assign resources to account for regulatory changes
Option 4: Escalate the scope changes to the sponsor and steering committee for their decision
Option 5:

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