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You are in the execution phase of a major project with an estimated cost of US $22 million. Two team members are having a disagreement over the potential sellers of a project component, and the project manager has offered to help. The project manager suggests a compromise, and the team members want to solve the problem. Who should decide on the BEST course of action?

Option 1: Management
Option 2: Team members
Option 3: Project manager
Option 4: Customer
Option 5:

The project charter for a project was approved for planning, and you have just been assigned as project manager. Realizing that planning is an ongoing effort throughout the project life-cycle, which core processes are you MOST likely to combine?

Option 1: Scope definition and activity definition
Option 2: Activity duration estimating and schedule development
Option 3: Resource planning and cost estimating
Option 4: Cost estimating and cost budgeting
Option 5:

The purpose of project plan development is to?.

Option 1: Create a document to guide project execution and control
Option 2: Document project assumptions and constraints
Option 3: Promote communication among stakeholders
Option 4: Define key project reports
Option 5:

You are in the middle of executing a major modification to an existing product when you learn that the resources promised at the beginning of the project are not available, The BEST thing to do is to:

Option 1: show how the resources were originally promised to your project and request that they be moved back to your project.
Option 2: re-plan the project without the resources.
Option 3: explain what will happen if the resources are not made available
Option 4: crash the project.
Option 5:

Integrated change control is primarily concerned with ?

Option 1: Influencing factors that cause change, determining that change has occurred, and managing changes as they occur
Option 2: Maintaining integrity of baselines, integrating product and project scope and coordinating change across knowledge area
Option 3: Integrating deliverables from different functional specialties on the project
Option 4: Establishing a change control board that oversees the overall changes on the project
Option 5:

A project manager has finished the project. He knows that all the scope has been completed and is within cost and time objectives set by the sponsor. The sponsor, however, says that the project is a failure, because the original schedule was for 27 weeks and the project was completed in 33 weeks. If the project baseline was 33 weeks, the project is a success because:

Option 1: it only had six weeks of changes.
Option 2: it was completed within the baseline
Option 3: there were so few changes
Option 4: there was good communication control.
Option 5:

As part of integrated change control, a project manager wants to involve the stakeholders. Which of the following would be the BEST way accomplish this?

Option 1: Have the stakeholders periodically review the list of project requirements
Option 2: Invite the stakeholders to attend project status meetings
Option 3: Send the status report to the stakeholders
Option 4: Constantly update the stakeholders on the status of all project changes
Option 5:

The project manager's role during execution of the project can BEST be described as a(n):

Option 1: leader.
Option 2: coordinator.
Option 3: director.
Option 4: integrator.
Option 5:

Which of the following BEST describes a project plan?

Option 1: A printout from project management software
Option 2: A Gantt chart
Option 3: Risk, staff, change control, budget and other plans
Option 4: The project scope of work
Option 5:

You have never managed a project before and are asked to plan a new project. It would be best in this situation to rely on _______ during planning to improve your chance of success?

Option 1: your management skills
Option 2: your previous training
Option 3: historical records
Option 4: responsibility charts
Option 5:

All of the following are part of an effective change control system EXCEPT?

Option 1: Procedures
Option 2: Standards for reports
Option 3: Meetings
Option 4: Lessons learned
Option 5:

The output of project plan execution consists of ?

Option 1: Work results and change requests
Option 2: Project plan update and corrective action
Option 3: Baseline changes and work authorization
Option 4: Additional planning and deliverables
Option 5:

When it comes to changes, the project manager's attention is BEST spent on:

Option 1: making changes.
Option 2: tracking and recording changes as they happen.
Option 3: informing management of changes.
Option 4: preventing unnecessary changes
Option 5:

A change control board is ?

Option 1: Recommended for use on all projects , large or small
Option 2: Used as required to approve or reject change requests
Option 3: Managed by the project manager who serves as its secretary
Option 4: Composed of key members of the project team
Option 5:

All of the following are true for a project baseline EXCEPT?

Option 1: It is the original approved plan.
Option 2: It includes approved scope changes.
Option 3: It is useful in detecting project variances.
Option 4: It is useful in preparing the WBS.
Option 5:

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