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Project management process can be organized into:

Option 1: Initiating process
Option 2: Planning process
Option 3: Controlling and executing process
Option 4: Closing processes
Option 5: All of the above

____________ formalizes the acceptance of the project or phase and bringing it to an orderly end.

Option 1: Punchlist
Option 2: Closing process
Option 3: Project completion checklist
Option 4: Stakeholder buyoff
Option 5: Initiation process

____________ must be measured regularly to identify variances from the plan.

Option 1: Stakeholder requirements
Option 2: Project performance
Option 3: Schedule control
Option 4: Project controls
Option 5: Performance reporting

The closing process scope includes:

Option 1: Contract closeout
Option 2: Final reporting
Option 3: Punchlist
Option 4: Exit interview
Option 5: Lessons learned

The core planning processes are:

Option 1: Scope definition, Resource planning, Cost estimating, Schedule development, Activity definition
Option 2: Inputs, Control, Status reports, Risk management
Option 3: Planning, Resource planning, Quality assurance, Risk control
Option 4: Cope definition, Team development, Schedule control, Budget control, Contract administration
Option 5: Quality planning, Communication planning, Staff acquisition,, Risk quantification

An output from the quality planning process is:

Option 1: Quality improvements
Option 2: Quality management plan
Option 3: Acceptance decisions
Option 4: Process adjustments
Option 5: Rework

A key input to quality planning that documents major project deliverables as well as the project objectives is:

Option 1: Control charts
Option 2: Quality tolerance checklist
Option 3: Scope statement
Option 4: Product description
Option 5: Process adjustments

_____________ involves comparing actual or planned project practices to those of other projects in order to generate ideas for improvement and to provide a standard by which to measure performance.

Option 1: Process adjustments
Option 2: Operational definitions
Option 3: Benchline parameters
Option 4: Benchmarking
Option 5: Quality tolerance checklist

The MAJOR processes for project integration management are:

Option 1: Project plan development, project plan execution, and overall change control.
Option 2: Project plan development, project plan execution, and scope change control.
Option 3: Project plan development, overall change control, and scope change control.
Option 4: Project plan development, initiation, and overall change control.
Option 5:

Which process is included in Project Integration Management?

Option 1: Project plan development
Option 2: Scope planning
Option 3: Scope definition
Option 4: Scope verification
Option 5: Procurement planning

The five basic groups are:

Option 1: Planning, recording, directing, monitoring, evaluating
Option 2: Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, closing
Option 3: Planning, executing, monitoring, redirecting, closing
Option 4: Planning, executing, directing, closing, delivering
Option 5: Initiating, executing, monitoring, evaluating, closing

PMI defines a project subprocess as having an input, _____, and an output.

Option 1: resolution and action
Option 2: formatting and creation
Option 3: tools and techniques
Option 4: process integration
Option 5: execution and control

The ?triple constraint? philosophy involves which project attributes?

Option 1: Time, Quality, and Contracts
Option 2: Scope, Cost, and Communication
Option 3: Time, Cost, and Quality
Option 4: Product, Price, and People
Option 5:

Which is a characteristic of a project?

Option 1: Defined objective
Option 2: Specific duration
Option 3: Defined tasks
Option 4: All of the above
Option 5:

Project measurement baselines and project plans differ in that:

Option 1: Baselines are used to control the project and plans are used to execute
Option 2: Baselines change frequently and plans change infrequently
Option 3: Baselines change infrequently and plans change frequently
Option 4: A and B
Option 5:

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