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Why is it important to have a staff release plan for people within the project team?

Option 1: It helps people manage their time.
Option 2: The project protects itself from lawsuit.
Option 3: It is not important.
Option 4: The project saves money by releasing people from the project at the right time and morale is also improved.
Option 5:

A project manager's primary professional responsibility is towards:

Option 1: The performing organization
Option 2: The project sponsor
Option 3: All stakeholders
Option 4: Customers
Option 5:

A project manager would find team development to be the MOST difficult in which type of organization?

Option 1: Weak matrix organization
Option 2: Projectized organization
Option 3: Composite Organization
Option 4: Balanced matrix organization
Option 5:

You are a sponsor of a project that is designed to record phone calls for quality control purposes. You are in the process of writing the charter, what is NOT an input into this document?

Option 1: Organizational standard processes
Option 2: Marketplace conditions
Option 3: Government or industry standards
Option 4: Project Scope Statement
Option 5:

A project manager prepared a composite resource calendar. Which of the following is unlikely to be part of the resource calendar?

Option 1: Availability of Human Resources
Option 2: Skills of Human resources.
Option 3: Cost of Human Resources
Option 4: Capabilities of Human Resources
Option 5:

A project manager is planning out the availability of resources as part of the Acquire Project Team phase. He needs to acquire resources that report to a functional manager. What technique will he likely use to obtain these resources?

Option 1: Pre-assignment
Option 2: Authority
Option 3: Negotiation
Option 4: Coercion
Option 5:

A new project to setup a power generation plant is likely to displace current residents who live in the vicinity of the plant. The project manager of this project decides to include the residents as part of his stakeholder list. What would he classify them as?

Option 1: Repatriated stakeholders
Option 2: Displaced stakeholders
Option 3: Positive stakeholders
Option 4: Negative stakeholders
Option 5:

Sheila has been assigned as the project manager of a project. After a detailed discussion with the project management team, she decides to come up with a quality management plan that is informal and broadly framed. What would your comment on this be?

Option 1: This is incorrect. A quality management plan should be formal but broadly framed.
Option 2: This is incorrect. A quality management plan should be formal and highly detailed.
Option 3: This is fine. The style and detail of the quality management plan is determined by the requirements of the project.
Option 4: This is incorrect. A quality management plan should be informal and highly detailed.
Option 5:

A project manager is determining dependencies that will require a lead or a lag to accurately define the logical relationship. Which of the following correctly describes leads or lags?

Option 1: A lead allows a successor activity to be delayed.
Option 2: A lag directs a delay in the predecessor activity.
Option 3: A lag allows an acceleration of the successor activity.
Option 4: A lead allows an acceleration of the successor activity.
Option 5:

Which of the following scenarios is likely to occur in a project?

Option 1: During the early phases of an engineering design project, the project pool of resources included both junior and senior engineers in large numbers. During later phases, the pool was limited to people who were knowledgeable about the project.
Option 2: During the early phases of an engineering design project, the project pool of resources included only senior engineers. During later phases, the pool was limited to junior engineers.
Option 3: During the early phases of an engineering design project, the project pool of resources included only junior engineers. During later phases, the pool was limited to senior engineers.
Option 4: During all phases of an engineering design project, the project pool of resources had the same number of junior and senior engineers.
Option 5:

Which tools and techniques are recommended for developing a project team?

Option 1: Performance assessment, recognition and rewards, and team building
Option 2: Training, team building, and ground rules
Option 3: Team building, creating organizational charts, and assessing individual's performance
Option 4: Setting ground rules and assessing team members based on those rules
Option 5:

You are the project manager for a software engineering firm that creates customer tracking software for call centers. You are scheduling an instructor lead training session for your team to learn the newest features available for use in your development platform. Which statement BEST describes the tool or technique you are implementing?

Option 1: Improving the skill set of your existing team members
Option 2: Executing the staffing management plan
Option 3: Identifying the skills required to complete product testing
Option 4: Conducting a team building activity
Option 5:

As project manager, you scheduled a status update meeting. During the meeting, a problem developed and the group discussed it. The day after the meeting, Kevin approached you and expressed his concern that the problem was not really resolved. After thinking about it, he felt that his concerns were still valid and should be addressed. What conflict resolution method was used at the status meeting?

Option 1: Smoothing
Option 2: Forcing
Option 3: Withdrawal
Option 4: Confrontation
Option 5:

A project has several teams. Team C has repeatedly missed deadlines in the past. This has caused team D to have to crash the critical path several times. As the team leader for team D, you receive word that the next deadline may also be missed. You should meet with the:

Option 1: Project manager alone
Option 2: Project manager and Management
Option 3: Manager of Team D
Option 4: Project manager and the leader of team C
Option 5:

You have recently been successful in passing the Project Management Professional exam. Others within the organization you work for are also pursuing the certification and have sought your assistance. They have requested that you provide them with a detailed list of the questions that you had on the exam. What is the FIRST course of action you should take?

Option 1: Pretend that you do not recall any of the questions.
Option 2: Indicate that you cannot disclose questions you saw on the exam.
Option 3: Offer your coworkers a listing of all the questions you recall from the exam.
Option 4: Report the violation to the PMI.
Option 5:

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