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The morale of the team members of a project was very low. Team members felt that they were not given opportunities to participate in team development activities and that they did not have opportunities to grow. Which of the following is a primary factor for this situation?

Option 1: Use of zero-sum rewards in the project
Option 2: A poorly defined resource calendar
Option 3: Too many senior team members
Option 4: Poor interpersonal skills in the team
Option 5:

Lynn is the project manager of a project. She creates a structure similar to the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). However, instead of being arranged according to the project deliverables, it is arranged according to the team's existing departments and units. The project activities / work packages are listed against each existing department. This would be called:

Option 1: An Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
Option 2: A Department Breakdown Structure (DBS)
Option 3: A Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)
Option 4: A Hierarchical Breakdown Structure (HBS)
Option 5:

The Manage Project Team process is part of what process group?

Option 1: Planning
Option 2: Executing
Option 3: Monitoring and Controlling
Option 4: Closing
Option 5:

While preparing a human resource plan, a project manager documented that one of the senior programmers in the team would make decisions on whether the quality of deliverables from the project met the project's documented standards. Which of the following aspects of a human resource plan does this address?

Option 1: Competency
Option 2: Responsibility
Option 3: Authority
Option 4: Role
Option 5:

Sally, a project manager was reconciling expenditure of funds with funding limits on the commitment of funds for the project. She found a large variance between the funding limits and planned expenditures. As a result, she decided to reschedule work to level out the rate of expenditures. This is known as:

Option 1: Funding limit reconciliation
Option 2: Funding limit constraints
Option 3: Funding limit expenditure
Option 4: Funding limit appropriation
Option 5:

A project manager manages a distributed team with team members located in five countries. Due to time- zone differences, he is unable to find a time that is acceptable to all team members. What strategy should he apply to resolve this matter?

Option 1: Authority
Option 2: Co-location
Option 3: Coercion
Option 4: Negotiation
Option 5:

You are a project manager creating the final project report. Which information would you NOT include in this report?

Option 1: Team member recommendations
Option 2: Performance of individual team members
Option 3: Processes which yielded positive results
Option 4: Techniques used to produce the results
Option 5:

What BEST describes the role of the project team members?

Option 1: To perform the project work
Option 2: To achieve the project objectives
Option 3: To be ultimately responsible for the project's success
Option 4: To authorize the project
Option 5:

Midway through the Collect Requirements process, a project manager finds that there are lots of unresolved issues. Which of the following is usually the best way to discover and resolve issues?

Option 1: Interviewing
Option 2: Use of a stakeholder register
Option 3: Focus groups
Option 4: Facilitated workshops
Option 5:

The administration team for a buyer is drafting up a contract to award work to an external supplier. They would include verbiage that the contract can be terminated for all of the following reasons except:

Option 1: For cause
Option 2: For default
Option 3: For convenience
Option 4: For the purpose of the court
Option 5:

A project manager would like to resolve conflicts with a give-and-take attitude rather than using a one-sided approach. Which of these approaches is he likely to use?

Option 1: Forcing
Option 2: Problem-solving
Option 3: Smoothing
Option 4: Withdrawing
Option 5:

Teams go through various stages of development. As per the Tuckman ladder of development, the stage during which the least amount of work gets done is usually the:

Option 1: Storming phase
Option 2: Forming phase
Option 3: Norming phase
Option 4: Performing phase
Option 5:

A project manager has been asked to manage a research project. By its very nature, this type of project is not very clearly defined and involves a lot of uncertainty. What phase-to-phase relationship should the project manager use for this project?

Option 1: Open-ended relationship
Option 2: Overlapping relationship
Option 3: Iterative relationship
Option 4: Sequential relationship
Option 5:

A project manager wanted to ensure that he avoided any win-lose (zero sum) types of rewards in his project. Which of the following rewards and recognition mechanisms could be classified as zero sum?

Option 1: Updating of defects data into the defects database on time.
Option 2: Team member of the month award
Option 3: Attendance at a weekly project team meeting
Option 4: Submission of progress reports in time award
Option 5:

Dan is a project manager in an organization and conducts a workshop on project management. Which of the following statements made by him about projects is incorrect?

Option 1: Projects exist within an organization and operate as a closed system.
Option 2: Project processes usually generate information that helps improve the management of future projects.
Option 3: Successful project management includes meeting sponsor, customer, and other stakeholder requirements.
Option 4: Project management is an integrative undertaking.
Option 5:

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