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As the project manager of a high- visibility project, you are in the process of Identifying risks. You are concerned that the data you collect might be biased. A technique that helps keep the bias out of the data and keeps any one person from having undue influence on the outcome is:

Option 1: Interviewing
Option 2: Round-robin technique
Option 3: Ishikawa technique
Option 4: Delphi technique
Option 5:

A project manager used a control chart to determine whether a process was stable or not, and to determine if its performance was predictable. He determined the upper and lower specification limits based on the contractual requirements. A set of eighteen data points were taken. Of these, 8 consecutive data points were above or below the mean. What can you say about such a process?

Option 1: A process is considered as out of control if five consecutive data points are above or below the mean. Hence the process is out of control.
Option 2: A process is considered as out of control if nine consecutive data points are above or below the mean. Hence the process is within control.
Option 3: A process is considered as being within control if less than half the data points are above or below the mean. Hence the process is within control.
Option 4: A process is considered as out of control if seven consecutive data points are above or below the mean. Hence the process is out of control.
Option 5:

As a project manager based at the customer location for a performing organization, you strike up a rapport with a customer manager. As the project progresses, the manager asks you to make certain changes to the project scope and wants this to be handled on an informal basis. You should:

Option 1: Contact your manager in your organization and ask for this work to be done without payment, as a goodwill gesture.
Option 2: Comply with the manager's request. It is important to continue to maintain a good relationship with the manager.
Option 3: Refuse to take up any changes since the manager has asked you to do it informally.
Option 4: Explain to the manager that you would need to formally document these as part of project scope change and put it through the change management process.
Option 5:

What strategy should a project manager follow during the early stage of a conflict between two of his team members?

Option 1: Use a formal procedure to resolve the conflict
Option 2: Address the two team-members in a team meeting and warn them.
Option 3: Allow the team members to resolve their conflict
Option 4: Use disciplinary action to resolve the conflict
Option 5:

The project management team performed activities such as measuring examining and verifying to determine whether work and deliverables met requirements and product acceptance criteria. Which of the following choices refers to a different set of activities than the ones just mentioned?

Option 1: Walkthroughs
Option 2: Prevention
Option 3: Inspection
Option 4: Reviews
Option 5:

What is the best way to show, at a glance, all the work packages or project activities assigned to a specific project resource?

Option 1: Organizational Breakdown Structure
Option 2: Authority Vesting Diagram
Option 3: Work Breakdown Structure
Option 4: Roles and Responsibilities Chart
Option 5:

RACI stands for______________, ________________, ___________, _______________.

Option 1: Review, Analyze, Calculate, Implement
Option 2: Responsible, Actual, Complete, Informative
Option 3: Roles, Activities, Costs, Instructions
Option 4: Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform
Option 5:

As project manager, you find you are constantly dealing with conflict amongst your team members. Everyone argues over sharing available project resources so you plan to use a conflict resolution method to alleviate the tension between team members. What conflict resolution method is NOT recognized by the Project Management Institute?

Option 1: Forcing
Option 2: Withdrawal
Option 3: Elaboration
Option 4: Smoothing
Option 5:

In a project that was yet to begin, many of the project team members were known in advance. This is called:

Option 1: Proactive-planning
Option 2: Skill-matching
Option 3: Pre-assignment
Option 4: Staffing-assignment
Option 5:

You are working on a mainframe upgrade, however the charter is constantly changing. Who has the responsibility to determine if these changes are necessary.

Option 1: Project manager
Option 2: Project Team
Option 3: Stakeholders
Option 4: Sponsor
Option 5:

How will an organization with a weak matrix organization structure affect the Develop Human Resource Plan process?

Option 1: The project manager will report directly to senior management.
Option 2: The project manager will have a stronger role.
Option 3: The project manager will have a relatively weaker role.
Option 4: The project manager will have relatively more authority.
Option 5:

Lori is managing a project in a Functional organization. In this organization, she can expect to find that:

Option 1: She wields considerable authority and can make independent decisions related to the project.
Option 2: Management systems are designed to support projects and project management is easy.
Option 3: Management systems are not designed to support project needs efficiently, and project management is difficult.
Option 4: There are no barriers to communication between cross- functional teams. She is able to easily reach out to other teams without needing to go through the Functional manager.
Option 5:

Which of the following is NOT an input to the Direct and Manage project execution process?

Option 1: Issue and defect management procedures
Option 2: Consultants
Option 3: Stakeholder risk tolerances
Option 4: Project files from prior projects
Option 5:

You applied for a project coordinator position in your organization. You have recently met with your director to learn more about the job functions of that position. Your director indicates that it is the functional managers who control the resources and not you in your new position. Which of the following represents the organization structure that you will be working in if you are chosen as a project coordinator?

Option 1: Projectized
Option 2: Weak matrix
Option 3: Balanced matrix
Option 4: Functional
Option 5:

You are a project manager and are nearing the end of your project. You are now required to provide lessons learned documentation on the project. What is the MAIN purpose for preparing lessons learned documentation?

Option 1: To identify the valued employees who improved efficiencies
Option 2: To identify the problem employees who reduced efficiencies
Option 3: To identify instances in which you positively affected the project
Option 4: To identify improvements for managing similar future projects
Option 5:

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