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According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, a person who is attempting to fulfill the need for safety has already satisfied which needs?

Option 1: Esteem
Option 2: Self-Actualization
Option 3: Physiological
Option 4: Social
Option 5: None

Which of the following is an input to the team development process that describes the technical context within which the team will operate?

Option 1: Management staffing plan
Option 2: Performance reports
Option 3: Project staff
Option 4: External feedback
Option 5: Project plan

In a weak matrix the project manager's authority is likely to be:

Option 1: Non-existent
Option 2: Low
Option 3: Limited
Option 4: Medium to high
Option 5: High

Which theory specifies hygienic conditions as an important employee motivator?

Option 1: Theory X
Option 2: Theory Y
Option 3: McGregor's
Option 4: Hertzberg's
Option 5: Maslow's

Dual reporting is most likely to occur in which type of organization?

Option 1: Functional
Option 2: Projectized
Option 3: Matrix
Option 4: Laissez-faire
Option 5: None of the above

Project coordination is enhanced through progress reporting, variance reporting and cross-team meetings. These are all forms of:

Option 1: stakeholder management.
Option 2: risk management and reporting.
Option 3: quality management.
Option 4: communications management.
Option 5:

A work authorization system is a

Option 1: Work breakdown structure showing individual work elements
Option 2: Formal procedure for sanctioning work so that it is done at the right time and in the proper sequence
Option 3: Method to ensure that each person on the project team knows the work elements that are his or her responsibility
Option 4: System to help measure performance in terms of work completed versus work planned
Option 5:

You are assigned as a project manager to lead a new quality improvement project. Management is asking for a plan. Which of the following should you create FIRST?

Option 1: Scope statement
Option 2: Quality plan
Option 3: Schedule
Option 4: Project plan
Option 5:

A project manager has just been hired and is trying to gain the cooperation of others. What is the BEST form of power for gaining cooperation under these circumstances?

Option 1: Formal
Option 2: Referent
Option 3: Penalty
Option 4: Expert
Option 5:

What leadership style should you employ during the first two weeks of project planning?

Option 1: Coaching
Option 2: Directing
Option 3: Supporting
Option 4: Facilitating
Option 5:

The MOST common source of conflict on projects is:

Option 1: personality
Option 2: cost.
Option 3: priorities
Option 4: schedules.
Option 5:

A project manager needs to obtain resources for a major integration project. From whom should he obtain resources?

Option 1: Management
Option 2: Team members
Option 3: Functional manager
Option 4: Integration manager
Option 5:

A team member who doesn't have the required skills or knowledge was assigned to a team. Who is responsible for ensuring that he receives the proper training?

Option 1: Sponsor
Option 2: Functional manager
Option 3: Project manager
Option 4: Training coordinator
Option 5:

The project manager is in the process of staffing the project. Available resources are as follows: Mary always works overtime. Danny works very hard. Alexis meets the project requirements. Nicole is very enthusiastic about the project and will work overtime if necessary. Who is the MOST appropriate resource for this project?

Option 1: Mary
Option 2: Danny
Option 3: Alexis
Option 4: Nicole
Option 5:

Conflict on projects is usually caused by:

Option 1: schedules, priorities, technical opinions and resources.
Option 2: schedules, personalities, priorities and resources.
Option 3: schedules, personalities, priorities and technical opinions.
Option 4: schedules, cost, priorities and resources.
Option 5:

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