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When should the project expeditor form of organization be used?

Option 1: When the project is extremely important to the organization.
Option 2: When a project's cost and importance are relatively low.
Option 3: When the project manager has a lot of responsibility and accountability.
Option 4: When the organization's primary source of revenue is derived from projects.
Option 5:

The belief that management's high levels of trust, confidence and commitment to workers leads to high levels of motivation and productivity on the part of workers is a part of which motivation theory?

Option 1: Theory Y
Option 2: Theory Z
Option 3: Theory X
Option 4: Contingency Theory
Option 5:

Which of the following is part of the expectency theory of motivation?

Option 1: Clear, specific, and challenging goals generally motivate team members.
Option 2: Project managers should ensure that tasks assigned to project participants match their skills and the organizational climate is conducive to helping them meet their needs and acheiving a sense of competence
Option 3: People tend to be highly productive and motivated if they believe their efforts will lead to successful results and that success will lead to personal rewards.
Option 4: b and c
Option 5: All of the above are part of the expectency theory of motivation

Which of the following statements concerning compromise as a conflict resolution is false?

Option 1: Neither party wins but both parties get some degree of satisfaction.
Option 2: Important aspects of the project may be hindered in order to acheive personal objectives.
Option 3: Compromise is generally considered a lose-lose situation.
Option 4: A Definitive resolution is seldom acheived
Option 5:

In which type of organization is team building likely to be most difficult?

Option 1: Functional
Option 2: Projectized
Option 3: Matrix
Option 4: Project expediter
Option 5: Project coordinator

A document or tool which describes when and how human resources will be brought onto and taken off the project team is called a:

Option 1: Staffing Management Plan
Option 2: Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM.
Option 3: Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS.
Option 4: Resource Assignment Chart
Option 5:

A tool which links the project roles and responsibilities to the project scope definition is called:

Option 1: Scope Definition Matrix
Option 2: Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Option 3: Roles Assignment Matrix
Option 4: Project Scope and Roles Matrix
Option 5:

A tight matrix is:

Option 1: A balanced matrix organization.
Option 2: Where all team members are brought together in one location.
Option 3: Where functional managers operate in a dual reporting structure reporting to both their own departments and to the project manager.
Option 4: a and c
Option 5:

In negotiating with functional department managers, project managers often find themselves using what two-party conflict management approach?

Option 1: Win-Lose
Option 2: Win-Win
Option 3: Lose-Lose
Option 4:
Option 5:

A type of organization in which the project manager has little formal authority and basically acts as a staff assistant to an executive who is ultimately responsible for the project is called:

Option 1: Functional
Option 2: Weak matrix
Option 3: Project coordinator
Option 4: Project expediter
Option 5:

In which of the following organizations is the project manager role likely to be part-time?

Option 1: Weak matrix
Option 2: Functional
Option 3: Balanced matrix
Option 4: a and b
Option 5: All of the above

What is the primary motivational tool of quality Theory X?

Option 1: Zero defects promotional campaign
Option 2: Use of the quality circle
Option 3: Transferred responsibility
Option 4: Financial compensation [Slide 9-32]
Option 5: Benchmarking

Frederick Herzberg identified all of the following are motivators of technical employees except

Option 1: peer recognition
Option 2: the supervisor's personality
Option 3: the work assignment
Option 4: the work responsibility
Option 5: the opportunity to learn new skills

All of the following can lead to project conflict except

Option 1: ambiguous responsibility assignments
Option 2: unresolved prior conflict
Option 3: hiring an expert with a key skill
Option 4: sequencing of scheduled items
Option 5: poor communications

When the project management team is able to influence staff assignments, staffing considerations include all EXCEPT

Option 1: personal interests
Option 2: availability
Option 3: personal characteristics
Option 4: previous experience
Option 5: none of the above

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