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The project usually has a high degree of conflict during its life cycle, and the project manager must be an effective manager of that conflict. The most common areas in which conflict will be realized (in order of priority) are _____________.

Option 1: project office, functional divisions, field sites, and corporate office
Option 2: scheduling issues, priorities, resource allocation and staffing, technical issues
Option 3: planning phase implementation phase, execution phase, and close-out phase
Option 4: team building, team integration, functional coordination, and customer coordination
Option 5: personality issues, administrative problems, cost, technical issues

The project manager's authority should be commensurate with the degree of assigned responsibility. Senior management should define the project manager's authorities and publicly announce them in either __________.

Option 1: an informal meeting or the project kickoff meeting
Option 2: the organization's communication organ or the local newspaper
Option 3: the letter of appointment or the project charter
Option 4: the project policy manual or the project execution manual
Option 5: a special letter to et project manager or the letter of appointment

The process of getting a group of diverse individuals to work effectively together as a team is the definition of ___________.

Option 1: leadership
Option 2: project management
Option 3: the project manager's responsibility
Option 4: implementation
Option 5: team building

The matrix organization reduces the part-time (functional) employee's anxiety about job security, but it has the adverse effect of giving the employee ______.

Option 1: conflicting skill requirements
Option 2: unstable tasking at the functional area
Option 3: additional work hours commuting between jobs
Option 4: two supervisors with possible conflicting requirements
Option 5: additional work without the resources to accomplish it

The independent project organization provides stability for the staff during execution of the project. From a personal viewpoint, the major concern of the staff is ________.

Option 1: performing their assigned jobs well and improving individual skills
Option 2: keeping the functional staff out of the project to preclude interference with the progress
Option 3: minimizing the amount of work accomplished so the project will be extended
Option 4: ensuring the budget is spent so the project will not have any residue of funds for re-allocation
Option 5: having anxieties regarding their next assignment after the project is completed

An effective reward system should include all but the following

Option 1: clear ground rules
Option 2: achievable goals
Option 3: open to all team members
Option 4: controlled by the project manager
Option 5: a link between performance and reward

Performance appraisals

Option 1: can limit a team members' effectiveness
Option 2: are always written by the project manager
Option 3: are effective when input is provided by team members
Option 4: are effective when the appraised is motivated to change behavior
Option 5:

Supporting detail for organizational planning may include

Option 1: a training roadmap for team members to acquire needed skills
Option 2: a commentary on how the selected organizational structure has enabled/limited project choices
Option 3: multiple job descriptions that describe characteristics of all project roles
Option 4: all of the above
Option 5:

The key to achieving and maintaining success in the role of a project manager is the use of

Option 1: formal authority
Option 2: reward power
Option 3: penalty power
Option 4: referent power
Option 5: coercive power

The difference between a strong and weak matrix is best described as

Option 1: the effectiveness of the project manager in making his project successful
Option 2: the project vs. functional influence in decision making
Option 3: the project vs. functional balance in power and authority
Option 4: b and c
Option 5: all of the above

Project Roles and responsibilities should be closely linked to the project scope definition. A(n) __________ is often used for this purpose.

Option 1: resource histogram
Option 2: stakeholder analysis
Option 3: organizational chart
Option 4: staffing management plan
Option 5: Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Team Development refers to

Option 1: enhancing the professional development of team members
Option 2: enhancing the stakeholders' ability to contribute
Option 3: enhancing the project manager's ability to develop teamwork
Option 4: enhancing the chances of a successful project
Option 5:

The project manager is responsible for the project's interface management. The three types of interfaces to be managed are ___________.

Option 1: mechanical, electrical, and material
Option 2: human, machine, and fluid
Option 3: interpersonal, organizational, and technical
Option 4: software, hardware, and human
Option 5: documented, undocumented, and other

Team building activities can include

Option 1: hiring a professional facilitator to examine and improve interpersonal relationships
Option 2: firing a team member who is disruptive to the team's inter-working relationship
Option 3: suggesting that a team member see a marriage counselor to improve his attitude
Option 4: one team member dating the new college intern
Option 5:

Which of the following are outputs of the Scope Verification Process?

Option 1: Inspection
Option 2: Work results
Option 3: Formal acceptance
Option 4: Scope changes
Option 5: b and c

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