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You are the business analyst for a solution that has 380 stakeholders. How many communication channels exist in this project?

Option 1: 144,400
Option 2: 72,200
Option 3: 72,010
Option 4: 379
Option 5:

There are four inputs to the prepare requirements package process. Which one of the following is not an input to the prepare requirements package process?

Option 1: Requirements
Option 2: Requirements Structure
Option 3: BA Approach
Option 4: BA Communication Plan
Option 5:

You are creating a model for your requirements. Which model type categorizes and describes the people who directly interact with a solution?

Option 1: Rules
Option 2: User classes, profiles, or roles
Option 3: Concepts and relationships
Option 4: Events
Option 5:

When is stakeholder analysis performed?

Option 1: As soon as the business plan is created.
Option 2: As soon as the business analyst is named.
Option 3: As soon as a business need is identified.
Option 4: As soon as a business solution is identified.
Option 5:

What plan includes the description of the scope of work, the deliverable Work Breakdown Structure, the activity list, and estimates for the business analysis activities?

Option 1: Project management plan
Option 2: Implementation plan
Option 3: Requirements management plan
Option 4: Business analysis plan
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for your organization. A customer has approached your organization and is requesting that your company create new software for them that will help them collect customer information. In regard to enterprise analysis this business needs stems from which one of the following need generation approaches?

Option 1: Bottom-up
Option 2: External drivers
Option 3: Middle management
Option 4: Top-down
Option 5:

You are creating the solution scope for a proposed solution in your organization. You need to understand the scope of work that needs to be completed. You elect to identify the solution scope and then break the solution scope into smaller work products or deliverables. What technique are you using in this instance?

Option 1: Interface analysis
Option 2: Scope modeling
Option 3: Scope decomposition
Option 4: Functional decomposition
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for your organization and you are completing the verify requirements process. There are eight characteristics each requirement should have: cohesive, complete, consistent, correct, and feasible. Which one of the following four is not a characteristic of a requirement?

Option 1: Functional
Option 2: Modifiable
Option 3: Unambiguous
Option 4: Testable
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for your organization. You are preparing the business needs documentation for a new solution to an identified problem. Parts of your input for this process are the business goals and objectives set by your organization. What approach can you use to assess the business goal and their validity and longevity?

Option 1: Functional decomposition
Option 2: POLDAT Framework
Option 3: SMART
Option 4: Business Analysis
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for your organization and are working on organizing the identified requirements for a new solution. Jeff, your assistant in this process, says that these requirements arent very complex. You agree but add that its this thing that makes the overall solution complex. What thing adds to the level of complexity among requirements?

Option 1: Relationships among the requirements
Option 2: Management in the project
Option 3: Stakeholders in the project
Option 4: Cost and schedule constraints 25
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for a large project for your organization. Your project has 120 stakeholders and this will greatly increase the complexity of the communication in this project. To demonstrate how complex this project and its communication will be, you show the management the number of communication channels in this project. How many channels exist in this project based on the number of stakeholders?

Option 1: 7140
Option 2: 5560
Option 3: 119
Option 4: 60
Option 5:

You are preparing a business case for your organization to determine the justification of the costs of the solution in relation to benefits the solutions will bring the organization. You need four inputs to complete this process. Which one of the following is not an input that will help you write the business case?

Option 1: Feasibility study
Option 2: Stakeholder concerns
Option 3: Assumptions and constraints
Option 4: Business need
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for the Acme Organization. You have just completed a capabilities gap assessment and have determined that your organization does not have the necessary resources and technology to seize a business opportunity. What is the most likely course of action for the organization?

Option 1: Hire additional business analysts.
Option 2: Launch a new project.
Option 3: Hire contractors to complete the project work.
Option 4: Move onto the next opportunity.
Option 5:

You are the business analyst for your organization and are coaching Mary on how business analysis works. Mary is confused about what a business analysis methodology is during the business analysis planning and monitoring phase of the business analysis duties. What is a methodology?

Option 1: A methodology is a formalized and repeatable business analysis approach.
Option 2: A methodology is a short term endeavor to create a unique product or service.
Option 3: A methodology is an approach that the business analyst believes will work but it has not been proven to work yet in the business analysis domain.
Option 4: A methodology is a formalized plan that describes how the business analyst will complete the elicitation of requirements.
Option 5:

Your organization completes software development for other companies as its core business. Management would like to streamline the requirements gathering processes as many of the projects your company do are similar in nature. What approach could you as a business analyst do to help streamline the requirements gathering process for your organization?

Option 1: Implement a requirements re-use repository
Option 2: Implement requirements model
Option 3: Implement a requirements gathering form
Option 4: Implement scope solution models 27
Option 5:

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