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Sally is on the All-City track team and has to run the 100-meter dash. How many yards are in a 100 meters?

Option 1: 109Yd
Option 2: 119Yd
Option 3: 129Yd
Option 4: 99Yd
Option 5:

Every year, the New York City Marathon which is 42 km, is run by thousands of people. How many miles are in 42 km? Round to the nearest tenth.

Option 1: 26 Miles
Option 2: 27 Miles
Option 3: 28 Miles
Option 4: 29 Miles
Option 5:

A recipe for shortbread cookies calls for 2 pounds of butter. Elsa is from Germany,where they use the metric system. How many grams of butter must she use for the recipe?

Option 1: 90g Gm
Option 2: 100g Gm
Option 3: 80g Gm
Option 4: 99g Gm
Option 5:

Susan?s car has a 40 liter gas tank. If gas costs $1.199 per gallon, how much does it cost to fill her tank? Round answers to the nearest tenth penny.

Option 1: $12.66
Option 2: $12.67
Option 3: $12.68
Option 4: $12.69
Option 5:

On a metric test, Erica mistakenly computed an answer as being 0.048 kl. The answer should have been written in ml. How many milliliters are in 0.048 kiloliters?

Option 1: 48000ml
Option 2: 58000ml
Option 3: 68000ml
Option 4: 78000ml
Option 5:

Shaquille O?Neal is 7 feet 1 inch tall. What is his height in meters? In centimeters? (Round to the nearest tenth)

Option 1: 2.2m,215.9cm
Option 2: 2.3m,215.9cm
Option 3: 2.2m,220.9cm
Option 4: 2.2m,225.9cm
Option 5:

The trip from Dayton to Columbus is about is the 121 km. If Viet makes a round-trip, what distance in miles? Round to nearest mile.

Option 1: 150 miles
Option 2: 151 miles
Option 3: 152 miles
Option 4: 153 miles
Option 5:

Alice spilled a 5 pound bag of sugar on the floor of her kitchen. What is the sugar?s weight in grams? Round to the nearest tenth.

Option 1: 2270gm
Option 2: 2275gm
Option 3: 2280gm
Option 4: 2290gm
Option 5:

Five year old Michelle weighs 75 pounds. What is her weight in kilograms? Round to the nearest pound.

Option 1: 34lbs
Option 2: 35lbs
Option 3: 36lbs
Option 4: 37lbs
Option 5:

The doctor told Cheryl to drink 4 liters of water a day. After 7 days, how many gallons of water did Cheryl drink?

Option 1: 7.392 gal
Option 2: 8.392 gal
Option 3: 7.492 gal
Option 4: 17.392 gal
Option 5:

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