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Creating a sense of community is a benefit of what type of strategy?

Option 1: Group based management
Option 2: Hoteling
Option 3: Co-location
Option 4: Virtual teams
Option 5:

You are a member of a project team and the project manager frequently uses e-mail to provide you with details about how he feels your work on the project is progressing. What form of communication does this BEST describe?

Option 1: Formal verbal
Option 2: Informal written
Option 3: Informal verbal
Option 4: Formal written
Option 5:

Communication is an essential component of managing a project effectively. Which actions must be performed by a receiver for communication to be effective?

Option 1: Perceiving, transmitting, encoding
Option 2: Perceiving, decoding, understanding
Option 3: Perceiving, encoding, understanding
Option 4: Perceiving, transmitting, decoding
Option 5:

You are planning out the communications methods to use as part of stakeholder management. The most effective means for communicating and resolving issues with stakeholders is:

Option 1: Status reports.
Option 2: Electronic mail.
Option 3: Telephone calls.
Option 4: Face-to-face meetings
Option 5:

If you are writing a proposal for additional funding, which communication style should you choose?

Option 1: formal and horizontal
Option 2: formal and vertical
Option 3: informal and vertical
Option 4: informal and horizontal
Option 5:

A change request has just been formally documented and approved by the Change Control Board. The project manager now needs to communicate this to a project team member. Which of the following activities must the project manager necessarily do?

Option 1: Telephone the team member and inform him/her about the changes.
Option 2: Plan for a meeting over lunch and detail the changes.
Option 3: Issue a formal communication document informing the team member about the changes.
Option 4: Write an informal memo communicating the changes
Option 5:

One of the project team members had a teleconference with a customer representative who was reviewing some of the deliverables and discussed some changes in the product requirements. Your project team member discusses the changes with you and feels that these are necessary for the project. You agree with the team member's view. As a project manager, you should ensure that:

Option 1: Ask the project team member to go ahead with the changes.
Option 2: The changes are documented and they follow the change management process to become an Approved Change request.
Option 3: Summarize the changes and archive your discussion with the team member as a future record.
Option 4: Ask the team member to ignore the changes.
Option 5:

A project manager of a project that was contracted on a Time and Material basis finds that some of the tasks have been taking lesser time than planned. On average each team member has required only 30 hours to accomplish work which was planned for 40 hours during the week. The project manager should:

Option 1: Report the accurate status to your manager and send a separate report stating that each team member was busy for 40 hours
Option 2: Report this accurately on the status report and ensure that activities are re-planned as necessary, to keep the team completely occupied.
Option 3: Report on the status report that each team member was busy for 40 hours, and use the time saved for other activities not related to the project.
Option 4: Avoid mentioning these kinds of savings on status reports.
Option 5:

During a project status meeting, a project manager presented sensitive information related to the project. However, this information was not intended to be available to the audience. Which of the following processes was incorrectly done resulting in the project manager communicating sensitive information to the wrong audience?

Option 1: Report Performance
Option 2: Manage Stakeholder Expectations
Option 3: Plan Communications
Option 4: Identify Stakeholders
Option 5:

A project manager estimated that a project would require 4375 person hours of effort. The project ended up using 6250 person hours of effort. This effort could be broken down into 4 groups as follows:Group 1: 550 hoursGroup 2: 1200 hoursGroup 3: 4100 hoursGroup 4: 400 hoursWhich of these groups of effort could be expected to include effort from the Perform Quality Assurance phase?

Option 1: Group 3
Option 2: Group 1
Option 3: Group 4
Option 4: Group 2
Option 5:

Tom is a project manager who is assigned to a foreign country to manage a project. The project is a large one and comprises of smaller sub-teams, contributing to the entire project. As part of rewards and recognition within the project, Tom plans for a team award for the best sub-team. Later, one of the team- members meets Tom and tells him that he is unhappy with the format of the award and feels his contribution is not being recognized by the team award. What is your analysis of this situation?

Option 1: This is a genuine lapse in recognition of an individuals efforts. Tom should institute a special award for the individual and recognize his efforts.
Option 2: It is likely that Tom did not consider cultural differences in the foreign country. It is difficult to develop appropriate team rewards in a culture that encourages individualism.
Option 3: This is a matter which needs to be reported to HR for necessary disciplinary action.
Option 4: This is an instance of a disgruntled team member. Tom should ignore the matter in the larger interests of the team.
Option 5:

A project manager found that some of the project work was not done at the right time and was done in an improper sequence. What do you think was the likely issue?

Option 1: This is a project communications breakdown. The project manager needs to re-develop the communication management plan
Option 2: The Project Scope document was not properly updated.
Option 3: The Work Authorization System was not properly established in the project.
Option 4: This is due to poor teamwork.
Option 5:

You are managing a project team that is distributed across global locations. You communicate via email on a daily basis and have a telephonic status call once a week. Which of the following statements is valid?

Option 1: Plan telephonic status calls every day and follow up every email communication with a telephone call to discuss whether the remote team has understood the task allocation.
Option 2: Remote teams are an overhead on the project and should be avoided as far as possible.
Option 3: The communication of status reports and work allocation can never be done effectively via email. Plan for 50% efficiency for the remotely located team.
Option 4: The receivers of communication at the remote location will not be able to pick up nonverbal cues and this results in a certain loss in communication. You need to factor this in your planning.
Option 5:

You have been identified as the project manager for constructing a large shopping mall in your city. Which of the following are not necessarily stakeholders in your project?

Option 1: Residents of the county.
Option 2: A contractor from a subcontracting agency involved in the project
Option 3: A senior project manager in your organization who just completed a similar project.
Option 4: Local county administration.
Option 5:

As project manager, you are having difficulty understanding which tasks each member of your team is responsible for completing. Additionally, people feel like they are not getting sufficient information about the tasks they are not working on. What tool would help clarify these issues?

Option 1: Network
Option 2: Flowchart
Option 3: Hierarchical-type organization chart
Option 4: RACI chart
Option 5:

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