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A project manager assigned values of 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 to the impacts of certain threats to the projects. What kind of numeric scale does this represent?

Option 1: Logarithmic scale
Option 2: Linear scale
Option 3: Sine value scale
Option 4: Non-linear scale
Option 5:

A project manager is looking at tools and techniques to use in the Report Performance process. What communication method should he prefer to use for status reporting?

Option 1: Need-based communication
Option 2: Pull communication
Option 3: Informal communication
Option 4: Push communication
Option 5:

If you have an unresolved issue while working on a project, what is the best way to communicate that issue?

Option 1: Assume that someone else is already working on it
Option 2: Write an email describing the issue
Option 3: Create an issue log
Option 4: Complain to a fellow colleague
Option 5:

At which stage, in a typical project, do stake holders have maximum influence?

Option 1: Middle stage
Option 2: Influence is similar at all stages
Option 3: Final stage
Option 4: Initial stage
Option 5:

A new project manager has just taken over a project that is 50% complete. As part of the hand-over process, the outgoing project manager provided the new project manager with a list of stakeholders that needed to be managed. The list had been drawn up at the start of the project. Which of the following is true about stakeholders?

Option 1: Stakeholder identification is usually performed when there are problems with the project
Option 2: Stakeholder identification needs to happen at the start of each new phase of a project
Option 3: Stakeholder identification is a continuous process and needs to happen all through the project
Option 4: Stakeholder identification needs to happen at the start of the project
Option 5:

Stakeholder analysis is an important technique in the Identify Stakeholders process. One of the steps involved is to identify the potential impact of each stakeholder and classify them appropriately. Which of the following is not a valid model used for this purpose?

Option 1: Salience model
Option 2: Tolerance model
Option 3: Power / interest grid
Option 4: Influence / impact grid
Option 5:

You are managing the communication requirements for your project. You find that certain general management skills come into play as part of managing stakeholder requirements and that there are different dimensions to communication that you have to plan for as the sender of information. Which of the following is not a dimension of communicating?

Option 1: Vertical / Horizontal communication
Option 2: Forward / backward communication
Option 3: Formal / Informal communication
Option 4: Internal / external communication
Option 5:

You find out that a project team member has been stealing some material from the work place. You accidentally discover this and he says that he is very sorry about it, and will not repeat it again. You will:

Option 1: Get a statement in writing from the project team member saying that he will not repeat such an activity.
Option 2: Document the matter for your archives.
Option 3: Inform your HR department about the matter
Option 4: Keep quiet until it repeats for a second time
Option 5:

As part of the Develop Team process, the project manager of a project has planned for some Team Development activities. Team Development Activities should take place throughout the project life cycle, but have greater benefit when conducted:

Option 1: On a need-basis.
Option 2: At the end of the project life cycle
Option 3: Early in the project life cycle
Option 4: In the middle of the project life cycle.
Option 5:

You have the project management responsibility of a virtual team comprising team members from the same company who live in widespread geographic areas, employees who work from home- offices and employees with mobility handicaps. Which of the following is a key planning activity that you need to undertake?

Option 1: Plan Communications
Option 2: Plan Quality
Option 3: Develop Human Resource Plan
Option 4: Distribute Information
Option 5:

You are managing a project which requires an environmental permit to do work. The approval is in the final stages of being granted when a confidential, reliable report is brought to your notice which indicates that there is a high risk of an environmental hazard due to the project. Your manager tells you that it is better to keep quiet at this stage since the loss due to nonstarting/execution of the project is very high. You will:

Option 1: Send an email to your manager documenting the matter and disowning ownership of the project.
Option 2: Inform the necessary authorities of the hazard, even if it means that the project will be cancelled.
Option 3: Wait for the project to start and see if the information in the report was true.
Option 4: Keep quiet about the matter since you will follow your manager's instructions.
Option 5:

Which option is NOT an objective of the kick-off meeting?

Option 1: An opportunity to define the scope and provide cost estimates
Option 2: An opportunity to receive commitment from the project stakeholders about specific deliverables
Option 3: An opportunity for project team members to share lessons learned from similar projects
Option 4: An opportunity to introduce project team members to one another
Option 5:

You took over a project from an individual who was let go. You are reading the project documentation and found the project charter was signed by five managers. What should be your primary concern at this time?

Option 1: Determining reporting structure
Option 2: Communicating in a matrix organization
Option 3: Getting a single sponsor
Option 4: Identifying who can represent the project for change control
Option 5:

A company is looking for an experienced project manager to manage a large construction project. You meet all of the requirements for the position except for one. The organization is looking for a certified PMP with five years of experience and you have four years of experience managing similar projects. What is the BEST way to fill out your application?

Option 1: Show how you meet the requirements but include your actual years of experience
Option 2: Do not fill out that particular section.
Option 3: Explain why years of experience should not matter.
Option 4: Since you have plenty of experience, embellish your actual years of experience.
Option 5:

Tim is the project manager of a project that has a timeline of 18 months. Tim has planned for daily status reports to be sent out to all stakeholders. After receiving two such reports, the project sponsor informs Tim that she would only like to have fortnightly reports. Tim had done an analysis of communications requirements and considered various attributes for the communications management plan. What aspect has he missed out, which resulted in a daily status report being sent out instead of fortnightly status reports?

Option 1: He has not considered the frequency of information distribution.
Option 2: He has not considered the purpose for distribution of information.
Option 3: He has not considered the timeline of the project.
Option 4: He has not considered the start/end dates of distribution of information
Option 5:

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