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The average price of three items of furniture is Rs. 15000. If their prices are in the ratio 3:5:7, the price of the cheapest item is :

Option 1: 6000
Option 2: 7000
Option 3: 8000
Option 4: 9000
Option 5:

A pupils marks were wrongly entered as 83 instead of 63. Due to that the average marks for the class got increased by half. The number of pupils in the class is :

Option 1: 45
Option 2: 40
Option 3: 39
Option 4: 37
Option 5:

A library has an average of 510 visitors on Sundays and 240 on other days. The average number of visitors per day in a month of 30 days beginning with a Sunday is :

Option 1: 285
Option 2: 290
Option 3: 297
Option 4: 305
Option 5:

The average weight of a class of 24 students is 35 kg. If the weight of the teacher be included, the average rises by 400 g. The weight of the teacher is :

Option 1: 45 Kg
Option 2: 46 Kg
Option 3: 47 Kg
Option 4: 48 Kg
Option 5:

In an examination, a pupils average marks were 63 per paper. If he had obtained 20 more marks for his Geography paper and 2 more marks for his History paper, his average per paper would have been 65. How many papers were there in the examination ?

Option 1: 8
Option 2: 9
Option 3: 10
Option 4: 11
Option 5:

In Aruns opinion, his weight is greater than 65 kg but leas than 72 kg. His brother does not agree with Arun and he thinks that Aruns weight is greater than 60 kg but less than 70 kg. His mothers view is that his weight cannot be greater than 68 kg. If all of them are correct in their estimation, what is the average of diferent probable weights of Arun ?

Option 1: 55.5
Option 2: 66.5
Option 3: 77.5
Option 4: 88.5
Option 5:

The average weight of 8 persons increases by 2.5 kg when a new person comes in place of one of them weighing 65 kg. What might be the weight of the new person ?

Option 1: 70 Kg
Option 2: 75 Kg
Option 3: 80 Kg
Option 4: 85 Kg
Option 5:

A certain factory employed 600 men and 400 women and the average wager was Rs. 25.50 per day, If a woman got Rs. 5 less than a man, then what are their daily wages ?

Option 1: m:25.50 w:27.50
Option 2: m:27.50 w:22.50
Option 3: m:26.50 w:27.50
Option 4: m: 24.50 w:26.50
Option 5:

The average of 20 numbers is zero. Of them, at the most, how many may be greater than zero ?

Option 1: 0
Option 2: -1
Option 3: 1
Option 4: none of these
Option 5:

The average of five consecutive odd numbers is 61. What is the difference between the highest and lowest numbers :

Option 1: 4
Option 2: 8
Option 3: 12
Option 4: 16
Option 5:

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