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Option 1: different
Option 2: reverse
Option 3: similar
Option 4: separate
Option 5:


Option 1: performer
Option 2: friend
Option 3: follower
Option 4: critic
Option 5:


Option 1: hopeful
Option 2: lazy
Option 3: aimless
Option 4: spirited
Option 5:


Option 1: reason
Option 2: detour
Option 3: understanding
Option 4: destination
Option 5:


Option 1: handicap
Option 2: vision
Option 3: scent
Option 4: alertness
Option 5:


Option 1: shady
Option 2: dim
Option 3: brilliant
Option 4: colorful
Option 5:


Option 1: random
Option 2: orderly
Option 3: organized
Option 4: crazy
Option 5:


Option 1: observer
Option 2: enemy
Option 3: ally
Option 4: rival
Option 5:


Option 1: long
Option 2: stable
Option 3: strong
Option 4: short
Option 5:


Option 1: convinced
Option 2: unsure
Option 3: calm
Option 4: false
Option 5:

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The student will learned the priciples and methedology of Antonym Set 8.
The student will evaluate the knowledge level on Antonym Set 8.
Student can practice number of times the question till he is clear.
Student can provide the review / feedback / suggestion on the questions which will help to others.
The question contains the simple to complex level difficulties so that student can improve the knowledge.

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