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Option 1: never
Option 2: usually
Option 3: regularly
Option 4:
Option 5:


Option 1: small
Option 2: short
Option 3: huge
Option 4:
Option 5:


Option 1: slice
Option 2: whole
Option 3: piece
Option 4:
Option 5:


Option 1: wise
Option 2: dumb
Option 3: sad
Option 4:
Option 5:


Option 1: trouble
Option 2: ease
Option 3: enjoyment
Option 4:
Option 5:


Option 1: polite
Option 2: kind
Option 3: awful
Option 4:
Option 5:


Option 1: positive
Option 2: uncertain
Option 3: definite
Option 4:
Option 5:


Option 1: leave
Option 2: welcome
Option 3: travel
Option 4:
Option 5:


Option 1: hate
Option 2: love
Option 3: avoid
Option 4:
Option 5:


Option 1: none
Option 2: many
Option 3: some
Option 4:
Option 5:

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The student will get the basic and advanced knowledge on Antonym Set 3.
The student will learned the priciples and methedology of Antonym Set 3.
The student will evaluate the knowledge level on Antonym Set 3.
Student can practice number of times the question till he is clear.
Student can provide the review / feedback / suggestion on the questions which will help to others.
The question contains the simple to complex level difficulties so that student can improve the knowledge.

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