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Option 1: agree
Option 2: tame
Option 3: dispute
Option 4: ignore
Option 5:


Option 1: wonder
Option 2: peace
Option 3: chaos
Option 4: warfare
Option 5:


Option 1: scrape
Option 2: hollow
Option 3: bury
Option 4: mask
Option 5:


Option 1: batty
Option 2: sensible
Option 3: certain
Option 4: insane
Option 5:


Option 1: exhaust
Option 2: manage
Option 3: blunder
Option 4: cease
Option 5:


Option 1: friendly
Option 2: lonely
Option 3: isolated
Option 4: together
Option 5:


Option 1: elevate
Option 2: float
Option 3: mount
Option 4: land
Option 5:


Option 1: frail
Option 2: muscular
Option 3: energetic
Option 4: intelligent
Option 5:


Option 1: punish
Option 2: praise
Option 3: blame
Option 4: approve
Option 5:


Option 1: motorist
Option 2: hiker
Option 3: galloper
Option 4: sailor
Option 5:

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The student will get the basic and advanced knowledge on Antonym Set 13.
The student will learned the priciples and methedology of Antonym Set 13.
The student will evaluate the knowledge level on Antonym Set 13.
Student can practice number of times the question till he is clear.
Student can provide the review / feedback / suggestion on the questions which will help to others.
The question contains the simple to complex level difficulties so that student can improve the knowledge.

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