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Option 1: capture
Option 2: extend
Option 3: release
Option 4: block
Option 5:


Option 1: allow
Option 2: outlaw
Option 3: challenge
Option 4: recognize
Option 5:


Option 1: partially
Option 2: completely
Option 3: finally
Option 4: totally
Option 5:


Option 1: strict
Option 2: bending
Option 3: plastic
Option 4: stiff
Option 5:


Option 1: lowly
Option 2: proud
Option 3: aggressive
Option 4: timid
Option 5:


Option 1: unusual
Option 2: typical
Option 3: general
Option 4: creative
Option 5:


Option 1: passage
Option 2: escape
Option 3: opening
Option 4: doorway
Option 5:


Option 1: entertainer
Option 2: valet
Option 3: manager
Option 4: visitor
Option 5:


Option 1: ripe
Option 2: experienced
Option 3: juvenile
Option 4: idiotic
Option 5:


Option 1: resolved
Option 2: harmful
Option 3: useless
Option 4: worthwhile
Option 5:

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The student will learned the priciples and methedology of Antonym Set 11.
The student will evaluate the knowledge level on Antonym Set 11.
Student can practice number of times the question till he is clear.
Student can provide the review / feedback / suggestion on the questions which will help to others.
The question contains the simple to complex level difficulties so that student can improve the knowledge.

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