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What do you mean by Transparency in Scrum Master?

Answer: ss to be observed by anyone. This promotes an easy and transparent flow of information throughout the organization and creates an open work culture. In Scrum, transparency is depicted through the following: ? A Project Vision Statement which can be viewed by all stakeholders and the Scrum Team ? An open Prioritized Product Backlog with prioritized User Stories that can be viewed by everyone, both within and outside the Scrum Team ? A Release Planning Schedule which may be coordinated across multiple Scrum Teams ? Clear visibility into the team’s progress through the use of a Scrumboard, Burndown Chart, and other information radiators ? Daily Standup Meetings conducted during the Conduct Daily Standup process, in which all team members report what they have done the previous day, what they plan to do today, and any problems preventing them from completing their tasks in the current Sprint

What do you mean by Inspection in Scrum Master?

Answer: wing: ? Use of a common Scrumboard and other information radiators which show the progress of the Scrum Team on completing the tasks in the current Sprint. ? Collection of feedback from the customer and other stakeholders during the Develop Epic(s), Create Prioritized Product Backlog, and Conduct Release Planning processes. ? Inspection and approval of the Deliverables by the Product Owner and the customer in the Demonstrate and Validate Sprint process.

What do you mean by Adaptation in Scrum Master?

Answer: keholders learn through transparency and inspection and then adapt by making improvements in the work they are doing. Some examples of adaptation include: ? In Daily Standup Meetings, Scrum Team members openly discuss impediments to completing their tasks and seek help from other team members. More experienced members in the Scrum Team also mentor those with relatively less experience in knowledge of the project or technology. ? Risk identification is performed and iterated throughout the project. Identified risks become inputs to several Scrum processes including Create Prioritized Product Backlog, Groom Prioritized Product Backlog, and Demonstrate and Validate Sprint.

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