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What is Scrum Principles?

Answer: 3. Collaboration 4. Value-based Prioritization 5. Time-boxing 6. Iterative Development

Is One of the benefits from Scrum is that the Development Team doesn't have to write detailed specifications anymore.

Answer: you from writing detailed specifications. In reality, it is up to the Product Owner and the Development Team to decide how much detail is required, and this will vary from one backlog item to the next, depending on the insight and maturity of the team, among other factors. Low-priority items have fewer requirement details, while high priority and "fine-grained items" tend to have more detail.

What are the major properties of a cross-functional Development Team?:

Answer: of the skills as a team necessary to create a product increment. Development Teams do not contain sub-teams dedicated to particular domains like testing or business analysis.

Why Use Scrum?

Answer: oject are: 1. Adaptability—Empirical process control and iterative delivery make projects adaptable and open to incorporating change. 2. Transparency—All information radiators like a Scrumboard and Sprint Burndown Chart are shared, leading to an open work environment. 3. Continuous Feedback—Continuous feedback is provided through the Conduct Daily Standup, and Demonstrate and Validate Sprint processes. 4. Continuous Improvement—The deliverables are improved progressively Sprint by Sprint, through the Groom Prioritized Product Backlog process. 5. Continuous Delivery of Value—Iterative processes enable the continuous delivery of value through the Ship Deliverables process as frequently as the customer requires. 6. Sustainable Pace—Scrum processes are designed such that the people involved can work at a sustainable pace that they can, in theory, continue indefinitely. 7. Early Delivery of High Value—The Create Prioritized Product Backlog process ensures that the highest value requirements of the customer are satisfied first.

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