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What is the goal of a Sprint Retrospective?

Answer: e Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for identified and agreed-upon improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint(s). Thus, the Sprint Retrospective provides a formal opportunity to focus on inspection and adaptation.

Is The Product Owner role and Scrum Master role are never included in the Development Team size count.

Answer: included in the Development Team size count unless they are also executing the work of the Sprint Backlog. Although in the majority of cases they are not part of the Development Team, the Product Owner and/or the Scrum Master can be (part-time) included in the Development Team size count. IMPROVEMENT

Scrum allows for re-estimating tasks based on growing insight. Which Scrum team member is responsible for updating the estimates of the work during a Sprint?

Answer: remaining in the Sprint Backlog items can be summed. The Development Team tracks the total work remaining at least for every Daily Scrum, if needed after a re-estimate of tasks to be done. Hence the estimates for the remaining work are updated at a daily basis. Note that Scrum does not consider the time spent working on Sprint Backlog Items. The work remaining and date are the only variables of interest.

Time-boxing is an important principle of Scrum. What is the exact meaning of a meeting having a time-box?

Answer: ting has a maximum duration. Timeboxing ensures that an appropriate amount of time is spent, minimizing the waste associated with open-end meetings without any time-restriction. Scrum events are using the following time-boxes: • Sprint: one month or less • Daily Scrum: 15 minutes for a Sprint of any duration • Sprint Planning Meeting: eight hours for a one-month Sprint • Sprint Review: four hours for a one-month Sprint • Sprint Retrospective: three hours for a one-month Sprint For shorter Sprints, the events have proportionately shorter time-box.

Is Resolving internal conflicts is NOT the responsibility of the Development Team.

Answer: owerment, fostering selforganization. Hence, they are to manage their own work and themselves, which includes internal conflicts. Of course the Scrum Master will monitor the handling of conflicts within the team, but allows team members to solve situations themselves first.

What is an attribute of the Development Team?

Answer: n over a longer period of time, in order to enhance the overall efficiency by learning and collaboration. Furthermore, constant changes in team composition makes it cumbersome to decide on an average capacity of Development Teams, a requisite for reliable project planning.

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