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What is Empirical Process Control in Scrum

Answer: Scrum based on the three main ideas of transparency, inspection, and adaptation.

What is Self-organization in Scrum

Answer: liver significantly greater value when self-organized and this results in better team buy-in and shared ownership; and an innovative and creative environment which is more conducive for growth.

What is Value-based Prioritization in Scrum Methodology?

Answer: eliver maximum business value, from early in the project and continuing throughout.

What is Collaboration in Scrum?

Answer: ns related to collaborative work: awareness, articulation, and appropriation. It also advocates project management as a shared value-creation process with teams working and interacting together to deliver the greatest value.

What is Time-boxing in Scrum?

Answer: limiting constraint in Scrum, and used to help effectively manage project planning and execution. Time-boxed elements in Scrum include Sprints, Daily Standup Meetings, Sprint Planning Meetings, and Sprint Review Meetings.

What is Iterative Development in Scrum Master process?

Answer: emphasizes how to better manage changes and build products that satisfy customer needs. It also delineates the Product Owner’s and organization’s responsibilities related to iterative development.

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